At New Covenant we are commited to the power of prayer. We know from our own experences that prayer is heard and answered by God.

We pray for all these requests and more every Tuesday morning in our prayer group, and share these prayer requests with others who faithfully lift up these requests to the throne of God.

If you would like us to pray for you, let us know. All are welcome to join us at prayer time every Tuesday. Contact us for time and location.


For those who choose to share their request, we will post them on this page and ask that all who read them to please join us in presenting these petitions to God.

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no other messages will be sent other than prayer requests.

Requests are listed with the most recent ones first. For previous prayer request archives, click here.

If you receive an email prayer request from New Covenant it is not necessary to go to this page and submit it again.  It will be posted as part of the process. Also, when you submit a prayer request here, only hit submit once.  We have at times received seven copies of the same request.

However, if in doubt about a request being shared, go ahead and send it,  The priority is the prayer, not the process.

Date submitted
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Prayers and Praises!

July 24 Lonnie Broyles

for the mission team to WVA and the people we come in contact with.

July 24 Ann Shearon for  - our mission team, our church, our nation.
July 24 Jannie Lawler for our family - for peace, health, safety, guidance and healing as needed; for Leslie Smith - for healing from cancer and for the swelling in her brain to go away.
July 24 Martha Lewis for Christian Thurman and his mom, Candace - He is 15 years old and has only 25% heart function (cards requested to 204 Allen Memorial Dr. #203 Bremen GA 30110, attn. Candace Thurmond )
July 24 Shirley Barrett for Barbara C. - She has cancer.  Pray for healing.
July 24 Martha Lewis for Andrew Lewis - for guidance in his decisions. (cards to 4632E Glen Ridge Cir, Winston GA 30187).
July 24 Mike Lewis for David Toney - marriage difficulties.
July 24 Doshie Richardson for Clifford Chastain - He is in the hospital with double pneumonia.  Pray that he may breath easier.
July 17 Mike Karaty for son Mikey - Please pray for the three officers killed in Baton Rouge.  My son Mikey is a law enforcement officer with the Baton Rouge police department.  He is OK but the country needs prayer.
July 17 Bonnie Ray for family and friends - for healing, guidance, peace and mercy.
July 17 Shirley Barrett for John Owen - After brain cancer surgery he has finished radiation and is beginning chemo.  He is only 31 years old; for Donna Durst - she had surgery for the third time on the same foot.  Pray for healing.
July 17 Doshie Richardson for Clifford Chastain - My cousin in Blairsville had to go to the ER with a return of COPD issues.  The illness is worse and he is dehydrated.
July 17 Ed McGrory for Nayeli (sister-in-law) - for healing, she is undergoing chemo for lupus.
July 10 Jannie Lawler
for Noble and our family - Noble will be having a colonoscopy on Friday.  Pray for good results.  He had a previous pre-cancerous polyp.

July 10 Pam Willis for Jessica MIller and baby - She is 30 weeks pregnant and has been put on bed rest.  The baby has multiple health issues.
July 10 Shirley Barrett for John Owen (great nephew) - He had brain cancer surgery, radiation and his first chemo; for Ann Eskew for healing from strep throat.  She is not healing well and could use cards, calls and food (4495 Dorsett Shoals Run, Douglasville, GA 30135 - 770-577-4865)
July 10 Sandra Bryant for Ann Eskew - for healing.
July 3 Devin Jensen

for Grammie - for health

July 3 Ann Shearon, Bonnie Ricks, Shelba Roselli & MIchelle McGrory for Denise Wellman and Mary Lathrop and families - They both lost their mother's this week.
July 3 Joe Hamilton for Karen - she is home from the hospital.  The heart issues are resolved.  Emotional health is still quite troubling.  Pray for clarity of mind and peace of heart.
July 3 all of us for Pastor Julianna and family - for safety, rest and refreshment on their vacation this week.
June 26 Bonnie Ray

for Mary Mayberry - for healing and for guidance for the doctors to treat her properly.  She may be transferred to Emory.  (cards requested to 7 Tallahatchee Rd. Carrollton GA 30116)

June 26 Jannie Lawler for Gene and Sherry Sanders - Pray for health, healing and guidance for both of them: for Andrea Roberts - Praises! Andrea has been blessed following surgery and is doing wonderfully.
June 26 Lonnie Broyles for the people of West Virginia - for the flood victims and their families.
June 26 Doshie RIchardson - for finances as the transmission is out in our car.
June 19 Joe Hamilton for Karen - for successful treatment at Anchor.
June 19 Jannie Lawler

for Noble and our family  Our daughter Andrea is facing additional surgery.  Pray for healing, guidance, safety and peace for all of us.

June 19 Bonnie Ray for Portia Jones (co-worker's aunt) - She needs healing from complications from surgery.
June 19 Sandra Ivey for Bonnie Ricks - she is in the hospital from an insect bite.  No visitors please.
June 19 Ann Eskew Happy Father's Day!
June 19 the Golden Girls Welcome to our new Pastor and family.
June 19 Michelle McGrory for Martha Shaw (Mom) - she is healing nicely.  Please continue prayers.
June 12 Ann Eskew for our friend Debbie - for successful gall bladder surgery.
June 12 Ann Shearon for Michael and Tina, for Mike and Holly in there new appointments.  We love you at New Covenant.
June 12 Don Mason for Lisa Mason (ex) - She is having surgery on Monday; for himself - he is having another (in his words) 'skin do-hickey' tomorrow. (Monday)
June 5 Jannie Lawler for Noble, Kevin, Andrea and our family - for health, safety, peace, healing & guidance for all.  Andrea is having a rough time with pain.
June 5 Ann Eskew for all with cancer.
June 5 Bobbi Adams for Bobby Konvicka - for health.
June 5 Teresa Piorkowski for Karen and Joe Hamilton
June 5 Ann Shearon Praise God I do not have cancer!; Praise for the River of LIfe and their work at my home.
June 5 Mike and Martha Lewis for Tom Lewis - Praise God that Tom's accident did not result in anything more than some bruises and soreness.  The truck was totaled.
June 5 Shirley Barrett for Judy - She is very old and has a respiratory problem.  Pray that God will heal her.
June 5 Joe Piorkowski for Minny Garibaldi (sister) - Here cancer has led to the need for more surgery on her left lung to be followed by chemo.
May 29 Bonnie RIcks

for the family of Jamie Running -Jamie's house was broken into and robbed.

May 29  Mike Karaty for self - for good results in this weeks scan.
May 29 Ann Eskew for Pete Croft - His twin brother died suddenly on Thursday.  (cards requested to 3011 Stillwater Dr. Villa Rica GA 30180.
May 29 Bonnie Ray for Schad Lloyd - for healing and strength.
May 22 the Golden Girls

for our church and pastor; for Ann Shearon - for healing and clean test results.

May 22 Jannie Lawler for our family (especially Andrea and Kevin) - for health, healing, peace, guidance and safety and for our Lord's presence in our lives; for Kim and Emma (granddaughter) - pray for God's guidance, peace and safety and for our Lord to indwell their spirit.
May 22 Sandra Ivey for Carol Royals - Having a test this week for cancer.
May 22 Kenny Campbell for Kenneth Loving - He lost his adult son two weeks ago.
May 22 Devin Jensen for my broken nose.
May 22 Arubra Hembree

for Laura  Bomer - She is very ill with a UTI (David's niece.)

May 22 Doshie RIchardson for Reba Patterson (Mama) -She has cataract surgery on June 2 and June 16.  Pray for healing and no worries.
May 15 Michelle McGrory for Martha Shaw (Mother) - She will be having serious back surgery shortly.  Pray for healing.
May 15 Ann Shearon for self - She will be having surgery on Thursday.
May 15 Shirley Barrett for Ann Shearon - upcoming surgery Thursday.  Pray it will not be cancer.
May 15 Ann Eskew Praise the Lord for all our graduates; for all with cancer, especially my childhood friend Randy Martin, a godly man.
May 15 Malon WIllis III for Pastor Michael - Thanks for the opportunity to be with a great man of God and to learn so much.Thank You God.
May 15 Kenny Campbell for Dennis Lindsey - He is having knee surgery this Thursday.
May 15 Jannie Lawler

for Andrea Roberts - She is having weakness.  The doctors have been treating her multiple myeloma weekly and her cancer bi-weekly; for Gene and Sherry Sanders (daughter) - Gene will be having heart surgery soon. Sherry is having blood pressure problems.

May 15 Pastor Michael for Chuckie Stone -for his recovery from a heart pump implant.
May 15 Brenda Day for Howard Day - Prayers for serious health issues.  He does not know and will not be told.
May 8 Kenny Campbell

for Kenneth Loving - He lost his son this past week.

May 8 Ann Eskew for Judy Thomas - she lost her brother in NC this past week.
May 8 Ann Shearon Praise the Lord Mike's family is here today.  Also Joel graduated from Tech with highest honors.
May 8 the Children's ministry Praise and thanks for Moms and Muffins.
May 8 Austyn for family - I hope everyone has a good day and Happy Anniversary. (no email)
May 1 Martha Lewis for Christopher Thurmond - He is 11 years old and has a rare heart disease.  Treatment itself is very dangerous.  Pray for protection and guidance to keep him safe.  (cards requested to 204 Allen Memorial Dr. #203 Bremen GA 30110, attn. Candace Thurmond or give them to Martha)
May 1 Stephanie Mason for James Dennis - for healing and answers on his high blood pressure.
May 1 Pam WIllis for the Miller family -for a healthy baby.
May 1 Joe Hamilton for Karen - for restoration of her mental health and for guidance for the doctors and staff.
May 1 Autumn Jensen and Bryan Palmgren for Megan Jensen - she fell out of a tree and hit her head.
May 1 Bonnie Ray for Holly Wilburn - For peace and comfort in preparing for delivery of a baby boy (breech) (now due May 16) (cards requested to 46 Quarry Rd Toccoa GA 30577)
Apr 24 Bonnie Ricks

for the family of Heather Gilley Hagan - In the passing of Heather.

Apr 24 Joe Hamilton for Karen - for clarity of mind and peace of spirit.
Apr 17 Joe Hamilton

for Karen - She is in profound mania.  Prayer for peace and clarity of mind.

Apr 17 Bonnie Ray for Charlene McCosh - for comfort after surgery; for Adelle Leverette - for comfort and healing after treatment for breast cancer.
Apr 17 Ann Eskew for the Auction - for the glory of God.
Apr 17 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Jan, Jeanne Gay, Andrea Lawler, Tanisa, and Shirley.  Thank you God for all our visitors.
Apr 10 Jan Palmer

for self - for a GI Doctor for test.

Apr 10 Kenny Campbell for Tommy Paine - Infection in spine and in rehab. Pray for complete recovery.
Apr 10 Molly Campbell for Pam Young - She has medial procedures & treatment for heart and surgery.
Apr 10 Teresa Gould for Mildred Black - Praise - She is back at home.  In a wheelchair but that is surely temporary.
Apr 3 Brenda Day Heath

for Chase Harmon - that he will know God's love and mercy.

Apr 3 Ann Eskew for Shirley Barrett -travel mercies on her vacation with her daughter and granddaughter.
Apr 3 Jannie Lawler for Noble and our family; for Kevin - Praise that Noble was at church today. Andrea starts chemo Monday.  Continue prayers for Leslie and Ann.
Apr 3 Clayton and Doshie Richardson for Matt Holloway - traveling to be with family in Florida.
Mar 27 Jan Palmer

for Sheila Taylor - She is my bus driver and her sister passed away yesterday.

Mar 27 Ann Eskew

Praise the Lord, He is risen.

Mar 27 Bonnie Ray for Earl Godwin - for comfort in healing while going through cancer treatment.
Mar 20 Ed McGrory

for co-worker, Yolanda - She lost her son in action in Afghanistan.  She is struggling with life.

Mar 20 Shirley Barrett for John Owen (nephew) - He is 30 years old and recently had brain surgery.  Pray they got it all and he recovers completely.
Mar 20 Ann Shearon for Joe and Maxine Smith - for continued good health.
Mar 20 Clayton Richardson for David Parrish - he lost his sister.
Mar 20 Lois O'Neal for Andrea Barron (update) - after successful surgery she is now at home.  Please continue prayers for healing.
Mar 20 Doshie Richardson for Clayton - for health an healing from his sinus problems; for all that are sick.
Mar 20 Bonnie Ray for Alex Rowland - for health and family issues.
Mar 20 Ro Broyles for Mildred Black - She is in rehab following hip surgery.  Continue to pray for her.
Mar 13 Caden

for my Grandma - I pray that her back gets better

Mar 13 Ro Broyles for Mildred Black - She fell and broke her hip.
Mar 13 Ann Eskew for Ann Shearon - travel mercies.
Mar 13 Laura Parry for Denise Wellman and her mom, Jo Ann - Jo Ann has stage 4 liver and pancreatic cancer.
Mar 13 Charlene Searcy

for Samantha Searcy - She has her 6 mos. check-up since her procedure.  Pray for good results.

Mar 6 Bonnie Ray

for Charlene McCosh -God's blessings for a mild surgery.  She has cancer on her foot and may lose some toes and may need skin grafts.  (cards to 159 County Road 255 Athens TN 37303)

Mar 6 Jan Palmer - for Autumn's ears; for Bobby Gee - he has the flu; for Norma Pelham - She has been in the hospital.
Mar 6 Bonnie Ricks for Sandra Ivey - She has trouble with her eye.
Mar 6 Jannie Lawler for Noble and our family - continue prayer for our family.  Andrea is doing well.  Leslie is dealing with the effects of her treatment.
Mar 6 Ann Eskew for Becky Hall - Daughter-in- law of George and Ruth Hall who lost her mother this past week; for all with cancer.
Mar 6 Denise Wellman for Jo Ann Van Binsbergen (Mom) - My mother has stage 4 pancreatic cancer and the prognosis is not good.  Please pray for her.
Mar 6 Shirley Barrett for Bob Akers - Praise God.  He is in remission from lymphoma.
Mar 6 Bonnie Ray for  Beverly Sapp - for comfort and good results from a thyroid biopsy Monday.
Mar 6 Mike Karaty for Aiden James - Jamie's grandson is in need of surgery to fix a problem with his chest or heart.
Mar 6 Jan Palmer and Doshie Richardson Praise God for a great day at Sisters-in-Christ!
Feb 28 Pastor Michael

for Chuck Stone - for God's healing hand.

Feb 28 Denise Wellman for JoAnn Van Binbergen - Healing and prayers for my mother. She was admitted to the hospital on Saturday.  The suspect cancer of the pancreas or liver.
Feb 28 Tom and Jodi Warden prayers for travel to Texas to attend Matthews graduation.
Feb 28 Jannie Lawler for Noble and our family - Noble will have a procedure on his knees Tuesday Mar. 1.  Andrea is doing well.  Leslie is having lots of pain.
Feb 28 Bonnie Ricks for Juan Gonzalez - Praise for all the great meals.  We pray for volunteers and servers to help with clean-up so Juan can have a little more help and be able to enjoy his meal too.
Feb 28 Ann Shearon for Joann Shearon - My niece has breast cancer Thursday on Thursday.  Pray for healing.
Feb 21 Teresa Gould for Tim and Dan - these two young men have cancer and need prayers for healing.
Feb 21 Denise Wellman for Margaret Kuehrmann - Margaret is a dear friend who is once more battling cancer after 15 years of remission.  She lives alone, please pray for her.
Feb 21 the Jensen family for Aunt Cindy - she will be having a double mastectomy for breast cancer.  Please pray for her.
Feb 21 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for our family - Auntie Rosemary Wessner  passed away Friday.  The funeral is Wednesday.  Please pray for our family.  Thank you.
Feb 21 Teresa for the family of Jamie Running
Feb 21 Pastor Michael

for Skip Mitchell and the family - as their soon B.J. hikes the Appalachian Trail.

Feb 21 Ann Eskew Praise for all the Scouts with us today and for long time Eagle Scout, Pete Croft; Praise and thanksgiving for the help God sent when I injured my hand.
Feb 14 Shirley Barrett

for Rosie Chapman - Her heart beat is too fast.  She is in the hospital.  Pray they found out why and can treat it; for Jonell Keeler - Pray she will find peace as she mourns the death of her husband.

Feb 14 Ann Eskew for Ann Shearon - for health and healing.
Feb 14 Stephanie Mason for Ann Shearon -She's ill and I wish her good health and healing.
Feb 14 anonymous for Johnny and Donna Hembree - still sick` with the flu.
Feb 14 Jannie Lawler Praises for Andrea and Leslie:  Andrea's home.  Pray for her blood count to get back to normal.  Leslie's Drs. say they will be able to treat her illness.
Feb 14 Pastor Michael for Jamie Running - for God's comfort.
Feb 14 Bonnie Ricks for Yolanda Van Dyke - prayers recovering from surgery.
Feb 14 Jeff Thorpe for my mom Shirley - unspoken request.
Feb 14 Doshie Richardson for Jake Holloway and his mom - both are sick with bronchitis.
Feb 7 Ann Shearon

for Andrea Roberts - Healing from surgery on Monday; for our church.

Feb 7 Jannie Lawler for niece Leslie Smith and family - She is having a PET scan Monday to indentify the satge her cancer is in.  She is having radiation and chemo;  for Noble, Andrea and the family - Noble is not doing well  He has a Doctor's appointment this week.  Andrea's surgery tomorrow.  Pray for healing.
Feb 7 Bonnie Ray for Charlene McCosh (cousin) - for better results from a skin biopsy.
Feb 7 Jan Palmer for Pat Addy.
Feb 7 Pastor Michael for Tina Dunbar - for good test results.
Feb 7 Peggy Gonzalez and Lonnie and Ro Broyles for Alan Curtis - In the hospital with heart failure.  He was exposed to agent orange and is not doing well.
Feb 7 Malon Willis for the Burton family - for healing, peace and strength as the days, months and years go by in the passing of Robbie Burton.
Feb 7 Doshie Richardson for Reba Patterson - for my Mom for depression and pain in her right hip. (cards requested to 5126 Pat Colwell Rd. Blairsville GA 30512.
Jan 31 Ann Shearon

for Justin Thompson and family - My nephew, Justin Thompson and his family are returning to the mission field in India.  Pray for their safety and their work for God.

Jan 31 Pastor Michael for Carroll County UMC's - Their is a joint meeting of five rural churches about sponsoring River of Life for this year.
Jan 31 Ann Eskew for all with cancer.
Jan 24 Jan Palmer

for Josh Garrett (Pat Addy's son-in-law) -  Josh is now off the ventilator and is improving.

Jan 24 Ann Eskew for all those with cancer.
Jan 24 Doshie Richardson for Bryan Emerson & son - Pray for God's guidance so he can heal his marriage and be at peace with the Lord.
Jan 17 Jannie Lawler

for Ann and Leslie Smith - Pray for healing and peace and that they can remove Leslie's cancer.  Ann is doing well; for Andrea Roberts - Pray for healing and the peace of God, that Jesus' grace  be with her

Jan 17 Ann Eskew for her daughter's friend Sandy - She has breast cancer surgery on Wednesday.
Jan 17 Karen Shepard-Hamilton

a big silent prayer request.

Jan 10 Shannan Shayden for Chase Harmon - for safety and guidance while becoming an adult.
Jan 10 Ann Eskew

-for our military and law enforcement.

Jan 10 Shirley Barrett for Rebecca Mathis - She is on dialysis waiting for a kidney.
Jan 10 Bonnie Ray for Kaela Hobby  - for healing and that doctors may find  the best course of treatment.
Jan 10 Jannie Lawler for Ann and Leslie Smith - Leslie has a mass on her lung.  It may be cancer.  Ann is doing well.  Pray for peace; for Noble and our family - He really been sick with a chest cold but is getting better.
Jan 10 Jan Palmer for Pat Addy - she is not doing well (heart problems).
Jan 10 Mike Lewis for Tony and Gerrie Lewis - both have been sick with cold and flu in bed.
Jan 10 Ro Broyles

for people in Cape Coral, FL - The family is OK but lots of friends homes were destroyed by the tornado.

Jan 10 Ed and Michelle McGrory for daughter Jessica Thompson - Labor is being induced on Monday.  Pray for safe delivery.
Jan 10 Shirley Barrett Praise and thanks for my awesome family at New Covenant.
Jan 10 Ann Shearon Praise for the wonderful surprise parade for Shirley.
Jan 3 Jannie Lawler

for Noble, sister Ann and niece Leslie - Noble is having swelling in his throat; Leslie is very sick and Ann is much worse.

Jan 3 Ann Shearon

Praise the Lord for spending the week with family in Mississippi.

Dec 27 Noah for PawPaw - He needs help with faith.
Dec 27 Jannie Lawler for great nephews, Jeremy Davis and his whole family - Jeremy and Tonilyn's daughter died just before Christmas.  She was 17.
Dec 27 Ed McGrory for the communities of Texas and the Southeast recovering from storms and tornadoes.
Dec 27 Joe Hamilton for our team to South Carolina - for safety and a blessed time of service to our brothers and sisters recovering from earlier floods.
Dec 27 Doshie Richardson for Jerome (Hixton, TN) - My brother had heart surgery and received a stint.  He is home now.
Dec20 Pam Willis

for Ruth Billiter - Her surgery went well and she is home and doing well.

Dec 20 Joe Piorkowski for Chuck Stone - for health, healing, he has six months to a year left and is not doing well in the hospital.
Dec 13` Bonnie Ricks for healing and health for Sylvia Meadows and Kathy Kirby.
Dec. 6 Bonnie Ray

for Jeff and Linda Lavender and Sarah Prisky - for sarah for healing; for Jeff and Linda for comfort and peace in their loss of their children.

Dec. 6 Pam Willis for Ruth Billiter - She has brain surgery on the 14th and may lose her memory.  She has 3 small grandchildren.
Dec. 6 Tatum for Grandma Pat - She is having trouble breathing.
Dec. 6 Judy Thomas for Josie Edwards and the three babies - Josie had her triplets Dec. 2.  They all seem healthy.  Thank You God!
Dec. 6 Ann Eskew Praise for the Holy Season.  May this be a season for others to know Christ.
Dec. 6 Yolanda She has light chest pain possibly from coughing.
Dec. 6 Teresa Gould for the San Bernadino victims - praying for peace.
Dec. 6 Katlin Gould for Wallace Gould - prayers for safe travel.
Nov 29 Ann Shearon

for the Shearon family - for wonderful celebration with the whole family at Thanksgiving.

Nov 29 Bonnie Ray for those seeking jobs and needing financial help - for God's help and guidance.
Nov 29 Judy Thomas

for Josie Edwards - for my granddaughter and her three unborn babies

Nov 29 Mike Karaty  for Self - Praise God for good test results.
Nov 22 Ann Eskew

Praise for the season of giving thanks.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 22 Brenda Day Heath

for Chase Harmon - that this young man may know Christ and his goodness.

Nov 22 Yolanda Van Dyke  for myself.
Nov 8 Mike Karaty

 He will have heart tests this week. (rescheduled) Pray for good results.

Nov 8 Tatum for Grandma (Pat Addy) -  having trouble breathing.
Nov 8 Ann Eskew for our veterans - Prayers of thanks.
Nov 8 Joe Piorkowski for Chuck Stone and his Mom - Chuck's heart is giving out and his Mom is dying.
Nov 1 Clayton Richardson

for Doshie - She has pain and hurts all over.

Nov 1 Mary Lathrop for Mom and Dad and family - for guidance and pece as Mom has Alzheimer's and it is becoming difficult for Dad to care for her at home.
Nov 1 Bonnie Ricks for the family of Anthony Thigpen (no em)
Nov 1 Ann Eskew for those grieving - prayers for comfort from the church family.
Nov 1 Michelle McGrory I have a procedure Wednesday.
Oct 25 Ro Broyles

for Cali Treprowski (8 yrs. old) - Cali is the daughter of a friend in Florida undergoing chemo for a brain tumor.

Oct 25 Ann Shearon for Heather and Preston Smith - Lots of rain in Texas but they are fine.  Pray for SC, Texas and Mexico.
Oct 25 Shirley Barrett for Bob Akers - continue to pray for him as he receives treatment for lymphoma.  He does not feel well.
Oct 25 Ann Eskew for Debbie Dickinson - Praise God the surgery was successful.  Pray for continued healing.
Oct 25 Stephanie Mason for Janice Agan and Judy Bowers - for health and healing.  Janice had a stroke; Judy is my mom and has breast cancer.
Oct 25 Jannie Lawler for my family - continue pray for each need. Praise God for a visit from Andrea, Alicia and Luke, a precious great-grandson.  Cards of encouragement requested for Noble Lawler 4830 Liberty Rd Villa Rica GA 30180.
Oct 25 Teresa Gould for the family of Shawn Obenich - Shawn passed away unexpectedly this week leaving behind a very young daughter. (no em)
from Doshie Richardson for Barbara Bates - She had surgery on her leg twice in the hospital in Erlanger TN.  Pray that the leg heals and does not have to be removed.
Oct 11 Jan Palmer

for self - for skin cancer surgery tomorrow (MO)

Oct 11 Ann Eskew for Shirley Barrett - for healing; for Debbie Dickson - her surgery was postponed to this Wednesday for her neck after her fall from a horse.
Oct 11 Sandra Ivey for Tom Denison (neice's husband) - at Mayo for tests re Chron's disease.
Oct 11 Brenda Day Heath for Howard Day - prayers for peace of mind during some troubling times.
Oct 4 Malon Willis

for the Bright family - prayer in the loss of the youngest son, James and for strength at this time.

Oct 4 Cali for Bryce - to do good in Boy Scouts.
Oct 4 Ann Eskew for Debbie Dickinson - she has surgery on Wed on her neck from being thrown off a cliff by her horse; for Paula Davis in the passing of her mother.
Oct 4 Michelle McGrory for Andrew Thompson - for healing for his undetermined disk injury. 
Oct 4 Teresa Gould for Stanley Cypher - Pray for healing from the cancer tumor removed from his spine. He is having complications.
Oct 4 Sharmreal Lawrence for Janelle Crawford - She lost her mom on Saturday, sick, shut-in and homeless.
Oct 4 Shelba Roselli for John Wenner - has serious surgery and didn't come out of it.  He was critical and passed away today.
Sept 27 Jannie Lawler for Rick and Andrea - Rick is going to the heart doctor Monday and may need a defibrillator; for Noble, his sister Alline and our family - pray for healing, God's grace and guidance.  Both are recovering (Alline broken hip)
Sept 27 Ann Eskew for Sandra Bryant - healing from bronchitis.
Sept 27 Kenny Campbell for Ruth Pitts - Having lumpectomy on Wednesday.  Pray for no complications.
Sept 27 Brenda Day Heath for grandson Chase Harmon - that he will know God's guidance, goodness and mercy in his daily life
Sept 27 Jodi Warden for 4 year old Ella - having absence seizures and is undergoing testing.
Sept 20 anonymous

for Norma and Stephanie - Praise God they are OK from the car wreck on Wednesday.

Sept 20 anonymous for Scott Parson - He had a heart attack Thursday night at Hudson's and is in ICU
Sept 20 Ann Eskew for those grieving and those with cancer.
Sept 20 Ann Shearon for the Hanes family and Holly Shearon's aunt - She is in transition with brain cancer.
Sept 20 Yoanda Van Dyke for her family - especially the Williams family.
Sept 20 Cali for her dog Suze when she has her puppies.
Sept 20 Shirley Barrett for Michelle Freeman (granddaughter) - she had a breast biopsy.  Pray it is benign.
Sept 20 Martha Lewis for Andrew - that God guide his life so he can make good decisions.  May he keep God with him always.
Sept. 6 Daniel
 - I have an audition at NBC tomorrow.  I need this.

Sept. 6 Morgan Bell for my health.
Sept. 6 Noah and Autumn Jensen for Grandma.for good health.
Sept. 6 Tatum for Grandma - Pray that my Grandma feels better.
Sept. 6 Ann Eskew for Nancy Kennedy (sister); for Pete Croft; for Debbie Dickinson.
Sept. 6 Jannie Lawler for Noble and Rick and our family - for Rick and his heart troubles.  He still needs healing.
Sept. 6 Pastor Michael for the homeowners - May God anoint and bless the homeowners that we will be meeting on Sept. 12.
Sept. 6 Shelba and Mary Ellen for Bill Lathrop - Please pray for Bill's safety on his journey from Thailand. 
Sept. 6 Doshie Richardson for Ms. Ann Shearon - for safety in her travels to Mississippi and for health for family.
Aug 30 Jan Palmer for Yolanda Van Dyke - Yolanda's hip is hurting very badly today.
Aug 30 Ann Eskew for sister Nancy Kennedy - continued prayers are sought for my sister's recovery from surgery.
Aug 30 Doshie Richardson for Reba (mom) and Myrtle (aunt) - for health.
Aug 30 Bonnie Ricks for Kevin Stone - for safety, peace and guidance.
Aug 30 Joe Hamilton for Charlotte Starks and the family - Charlotte's grandson was killed last week while attending college in Savannah.  Pray for Charlotte and the whole family.
Aug 30 Katlin for Mildred Black - help her heal in safety by the Word of God since she fell.
Aug 16 Ann Eskew

for Nancy Kennedy - my sister is having rotator cuff surgery Monday morning.  Pray for healing from a successful surgery.

Aug 16 Ann Shearon for Shirley Barrett
Aug 16 Kaitlin Gould for Ms. Betsill - I hope she has guidance and safety in the world since her mother just passed away.
Aug 16 Jannie Lawler for Noble and the family - for peace, safety, guidance, healing and health.  Praises for God's grace.  (Cards of encouragement to Noble are requested to 4830 Liberty Road Villa Rica GA 30180)
Aug 9 Ann Eskew

for Jamie and all who have cancer.

Aug 9 Devi Jensen for school.
Aug 9 Brenda Day Heath for Chase Harmon - Pray for peace of mind during difficult times for a 20 year old young man, and that he may know God's mercy.
Aug 9 Robert Buice for all the young men and women serving our nation.
Aug 9 Teresa Gould for Peter - He is 18 and has cerebral palsy.  He is in a Memphis hospital with life-threatening issues, infections and falling blood pressure.
Aug 9 Doshie Richardson for the church family - for health and healing, for friends who have lost loved ones.
Aug 2 Ann Eskew

for all with cancer.

Aug 2 Shirley Barrett for Bob Akers - He has lung cancer.  Pray for peace for him and his family and that treatments go well; for Phyllis Gravett - Cancer has gone to her brain. She is receiving radiation.
Aug 2 Joe Hamilton for all dealing with relationship difficulties.
Aug 2 John Palmer for Grady Stallings - for healing for his body.  He fell; for Margie Palmer - for healing of her hip and leg.
Aug 2 Ed and Michelle McGrory for Daughter Jessica and son-in-law Kieth Cross -  expectig baby no. 2 in January.  Two new grandbabies due soon.  One in Dec. and one in Jan.
Aug 2 Kaitlin Gould for Laura Parry - I hope she heals in safety and peace.
Aug 2 Lexi Chitwood for Sonya - I hope she fights through her breast cancer.
July 19 Bonnie Ricks

for Donna Hembree - for recovery from knee surgery.

July 19 Bonnie RIcks and Laura Parry for Laura's knee surgery July 27th.
July 19 Johnny Hembree for Donna Hembree - for health, healing and peace.
July 19 Jan Palmer for John's mom, Margie - She comes home tomorrow from rehab.
July 19 Robert Buice God bless our military and our country.  God is good! Bless our families and our church.
July 19 Yolanda Van Dyke

for family.

July 19 Ann Eskew for Pete Croft - He is coming home Saturday, July 25th with home health care.
July 19 Ann Shearon for Helen Barkley - For strength to take care of my brother Max.
July 19 Mike Karaty for Pam Willis - for strength at work and God's guidance.
July 19 Shirley Barrett for healing from cancer.
July 19 Bonnie Ricks for Clara White - for healing from cancer.
July 12 Ann Eskew

for Pete Croft - Praise the Lord he is better and more mobile.  His family from California has been here.

July 12 Judy Thomas for Josie Edwards - Pray for my granddaughter, Josie, who is expecting triplets in December.
July 12 Jannie Lawler for my family and my church - Praises for Rick and Andrea for Rick's healing; Praise for church members' help.  Please continue to send postcards to Kevin.
July 12 the Palmer's for John's mom - She fell and broke her hip.
July 12 Ed McGrory for Ed's Mom, Bea -  for health and healing.
July 12 Bonnie Ray for Allene Rowland (Mom) - for health and healing.
July 12 Sandra Ivey for Ron Griffith (brother) - for health and healing from a heart problem.
July 12 Robert Buice for our country.  May God bless  America 
July 12 Kenny Campbell for Renee Munro - She is having surgery this Friday. (cards requested to 8098 Banks Mill Rd. D'ville 30135).
July 12 Joe Hamilton for my surgery Thursday; for Karen's healing and peace of mind.
July 5 Ann Eskew for the Scovill family - Cleve Scovill passed away Thursday.;  for Pete Croft - to regain his ability to use his walker.  He has three Doctor's appointments this week.
June 28 Shirley Barrett

for Edna Barton - She is 97 years old and having radiation treatment for cancer.behind her eyes.

June 28 Pastor Michael for Tina and family - Tina is in WVA dealing with her stepfather's illness and family concerns.  For travel mercies for Pastor Michael. He left this afternoon to be with her in a most troubling time.  Pray for the entire family.
June 28 Devin Jensen for Grammie Robin Jensen - She is sick.
June 28 J.R. for Jamie Running - for her health, the chemo is taking a toll.
June 28 Ann Eskew for Pete Croft - for healing of his shoulder and that he can use his walker.
June 28 the Jensen family for Josh Pelter - He has organ failure and needs kidneys and a pancreas.  He is 30 years old.
June 28 Tori Bacon

for my kitty Treasure - that she is now in heaven and is resting in peace.

June 28 Ed and Michelle McGrory Ed and Michelle McGrory's son Jeremy and wife Christine -They are expecting a new baby boy in mid December, grandbaby #4!
June 28 Mike Karaty for self - for healing.  He is having tests to rule out a stroke.  Pray for good results.
June 21 Jannie Lawler for Kevin Stone - please pray for Kevin.  He could really use some cards of encouragement (pre-stamped USPS POST CARDS only!)  Mail to Kevin B. Stone, 8470 Earl Lee Blvd., Douglasville GA 30134
June 21 Tatum for Pat Addy - She has been ill lately, so please pray for her to get better.
June 21 the Jensen family for Grammie Jensen (Robin) - She is back in the hospital with internal bleeding (cards requested to room 214  8954 Hospital Drive, Douglasville, GA 30134)
June 21 Ann Eskew for all Fathers; for Pete Croft - Pete has an orthopedic appt. Monday.  Pray he will not need surgery; for daughter Ginger - She has an ENT appt. Monday for vertigo.
June 21 Doshie Richardson for mom, Reba Patterson - she is caring for my sister and her husband after an auto wreck.  Momma is depressed (cards to 5126 Pat Colwell Rd Blairsville GA 30512); for Suzette and family on vacation - for safety and rest and travel mercies.
June 21 Brenda Heath for Gretchen - for peace and comfort. She is dying of brain cancer at age 32.
June 21 Pastor Michael for Emmanuel AME - Pray for the church and for all the hatred in the world.
June 21 Pastor Michael, Ro Broyles, and Ann Shearon for Teresa Gould and Mildred Black in the loss of Teresa's older sister.
June 21 Laura Parry for Faye Strickland - she has knee surgery Wednesday.
June 14 Shirley Barrett

for Shirley Allen ;  Pray for Shirley and her husband Richard.  He is 82 and I know it is hard for him to be the caregiver.

June 14 Ann Eskew for Pete Croft - pray for continued improvement.
June 14 Bonnie Ray for Nikki Ellerbee - for healing and that the Dr.'s can find the medical issues; also for a safe trip for me (Bonnie) and Wade to Kentucky for a granddaughter's baptism.
June 14 Jeff Thorpe for Donna Gannon - For her health.  Her surgery went  well.  She needs prayers for the biopsy results.  (no em)
June 7 Shirley Barrett

for Shirley Allen - She has breast cancer and is getting radiation treatments.  She is worse off than I am and is in a wheelchair.

June 7 Bonnie Ricks for Monta Raye Hembree - She is in the hospital.
June 7 Bonnie Ricks for Allene Rowland (mom) - for her health, to feel better and have strength in her legs.  (cards requested to 150 Cottage Lane Room 113 Carrollton GA 30117)
June 7 Ann Eskew for Pete Croft - He has been moved to a different rehab facility, The Oaks,921 Old Newnan Rd Carrollton GA 30117; also pray for my great-grandson Remy, born Wed.  He is still in the hospital.
June 7 Jeff Thorpe for Donna Gannon - Pray for her health.  She is in the hospital with an intestinal tumor.
May 31 Ann Shearon

for Jamie Running and Shirley Barrett - for strength.

May 31 Shannan

for Jackson - for health and healing; for Gretchen Anderson - for health and healing.

May 31 Jan Palmer for Grady and Ann - for Grady to feel better; for Ann for rest as caregiver.from Joe for Karen - for healing.
May 31 Ann Eskew for Pete Croft - Pray that he may be able to use his walker.  (cards requested to (Pine Knoll Nursing Home 156 Pine Knoll Nursing Home Carrollton GA 30117)
May 31 Brenda Heath for Howard Day (age 94) - He has some health issues and is not feeling well.  As usual he is very lonesome at times.  (cards requested to 9110 Edinburg Dr Winston GA 30187)
May 31 Michael Shalinski

for himself - He is having serious problems with vision in his right eye.  He sees the doctor in a week and needs prayer for good vision.

May 31 Doshie Richardson for Gene and Azaline - After an auto accident both have broken feet and ankles and cannot drive and are unable to work.  They are very worried.  (cards requested to 5126 Pat Colwell Rd. Blairsville GA 30512)
May 17 Doshie Richardson

for Clifford - Praise the Lord for a great knee surgery and improvement in his walking.

May 17 Shirley Barrett  for self - I have a serious infection in my right hand.  Pray the medication will take care of it.
May 17 Tracie Bell for Noah Sands (age 6) - My student with a brain tumor.  He had a MRI to measure any new growth on Friday. Results come Monday; for Larry Bolen -  the teacher who has been missing for a week.
May 17 Pastor Michael for Theresa Gould, Mildred Black and family - Mildred's oldest son passed away.
May 17 Joe Hamilton for Karen - she has been moved to a personal care home in Lilburn.
May 17 Brenda Heath for Gretchen Anderson - she is suffering from brain cancer for the second time.  She is only 33 with two little girls and a devoted husband.
May 17 Ann Shearon for Dot Booth (sister) - She has eye surgery Tuesday, pray for healing.
May 10 the Jensen family

for Grandma Jensen - for health and healing (cards requested to 8411 Mt Zion Rd Whitesburg GA 30185).

May 10 Pam WIllis Praise: Yesterday Meat and I celebrated 17 years of marriage - Praise be to God.
May 10 anonymous for Mike Karaty - travel mercies, for the kitchen ministry, and an unspoken request.
May 3 Yolanda Van Dyke

for family.

May 3 Robert Buice for America - Without God we would never have come to be.
May 3 Molly Campbell for Pat Brinson - Pat has medical tests and a consultation with the Doctor on Monday at Emory.
May 3 Ann Eskew

for Jamie Running - for good health.

May 3 Malon Willis for the Edmonds family - for peace and guidance and to feel God's hand in this time (Daughter had a stroke and is not doing well.)
Apr 26 Jan Palmer

for Shaye - for good results on her mammogram; for Grady - he's not doing well; for Taylor - for safe travel home today.

Apr 26 Ann Shearon for Shirley Barrett - for good health; for our church.
Apr 26 the Jensen family

for Tammy & family - for health, healing, finding God.

Apr 26 Malon Willis for Kayla Edwards - for healing from stroke.
Apr 26 Bonnie Ray

for David Ivey & the Hall Family - for wisdom, safety and guidance for David (going to CA), peace for Linda and Carl (grandparents) and Shelay (sister); for Nancy Cowart - for peace and guidance in a family issue & to find a job.

Apr 19 Andrea Roberts

for Rick (via Facebook) - 4/19, we are officially past the 72 hour mark: Rick has improved and the oral meds for his heart are working for now. Doc says he may come home Monday (YAY!) Praise the Lord for answered prayers. He will be monitored constantly, as the doc says he maybe back on the IV heart meds in the future, not sure if his heart is strong enough to recover completely. Just a "wait and see" game. We will be overloaded when we return home dealing with both the heart meds and the diabetic diet/insulin schedule, and we are very thankful for the education we have received by the Doctors and Nurses at MUSC. They have been great preparing us for our at home care. Rick is strong and doing so well listening to the doctors and learning how to live with his new health conditions. We love y'all so much! Thanks for all your prayers!

Apr 19 Jan Palmer for Taylor and Shae - Shae has a mammogram Monday; Taylor travels to Canada Wednesday for work.
Apr 19 Ann Eskew for Shirley Barrett - Praise that everything wa benign, no cancer!
Apr 19 Michelle McGrory for blessings yesterday helping raise $200,000 for the Dave Thomas Foundation for adoption.
Apr 19 Jannie Lawler for Rick and Andrea, Noble and the family - for health, peace, safety and guidance.
  Traci Bell for Vicky Shead (Aunt) - She had a possible stroke.
  Yolanda Van Dyke for my brother Ainsley.
  Ed MCgrory for Debbie McPartland (sister) - for her upcoming surgery Wednesday and the extended recovery.
  Paula Davis for Brenda Davis - Pray for healing.  Pray for God's will and her peace with God's will.
  Kaitlin Gould for Ethan Everett's brother - I hope he heals in safety and peace with God.
  Paula David

for my children - I pray for peace for them as we go through these trials.

Apr 12 Jannie Lawler Jannie Lawler asked that we share this Facebook post from her daughter Andrea giving her husband Rick's current condition.  Please continue prayers for Rick and the family:

"Prayers needed please for my sweet husband, for full recovery. Rick was diagnosed with congestive heart failure (and diabetes) and hospitalized 4/2. He was so congested with fluid he could not breathe (he gained 30 lbs in 10 days). He was within 2 days of dying (thank you Lord for not taking him). The heart failure was a new, sudden event, the doctors think maybe the infection from a recent case of severe broncitis. He was admitted to the ICU and within 12 hours they medically induced him into a coma for 2 days to try and stabilize him. They put him on heart meds and a diuretic to remove the fluid so he could breathe. During this time they have removed 57 lbs of fluid from his body since 4/2. He was moved into a regular room 3 days ago and is slowly improving. However, his heart is damaged and the doctors are not sure if it will improve or make a recovery enough that he can continue working. He found his dream job and he wants to go back to work. He is getting the best care by the best doctors and nurses in an excellent hospital well known for its cutting edge on heart issues. As for the diabetes, he is on insulin and is in control.My prayer is that God will heal his heart. In the beginning God said everything would be ok and we have faith it will be."
Apr 12 Ed McGrory for Dyrall, a co-worker - He is having tests to see if cancer has returned.
Apr 12 Ann Eskew for those needing jobs; for Shirley Barrett - She has surgery on Wednesday.
Apr 12 Ann Shearon for Shirley Barrett - surgery on Wednesday; for Rick Roberts - for healing.
Apr 12 Shirley Barrett for Brenda Shepard - Praise! Her transplant surgery went great and she is doing well.
Apr 12 Joe Hamilton for Karen - That her mind be clear, strong and healthy.
Apr 12 Molly Campbell for Noah Bishop's family - He passed away from cancer as a young teen.
Apr 5 Karen Shepard-Hamilton

for Gus Garcia - special prayers for his wife; prayers for self (Karen)

Apr 5 Ann Eskew - Praise God "He is risen"
Apr 5 Brenda Heath for Gretchen Anderson - for comfort and peace.  She is facing brain surgery for the 2nd time Wednesday.  She is only 32 years old and has two little girls.
Apr 5 Jannie Lawler

for Rick and Andrea Roberts and family - Praise God, He is good and is so awesome.  Rick is better.  (Cards requested to 525 Lewis Lane Summerville SC 29483)

Mar 29 Laura Parry

for Matthew Parry - for salvation, God's guidance and a job.

Mar 29 Jan Palmer for Norma - she asks for prayer for her granddaughter with family problems.
Mar 29 Ann Shearon for Shirley Barrett - for healing; for Steve Tisdale (nephew) - that he might find God while he is in rehab in MS.
Mar 29 Doshie Richardson for Virginia Chastain - Her Alzheimer's is getting worse.
Mar 29 Jannie Lawler for our family - Praises for God's grace and mercy and for continued guidance and healing.
Mar 29 Yolanda for family - for health and guidance.
Mar 29 Mike Shalinski pray for our schools
Mar 22 Malon WIllis

for all of us - Thanks for God moving in all our lives even though we don't deserve it.

Mar 22 Jannie Lawler for Johnny Brown (nephew) - Pray for healing. A tree he was cutting donw fell on him and he had to have surgery to repair his colon.
Mar 22 the Golden Girls for Shirley Barrett - for health and well being.
Mar 22 Tatum for Grandma - I love you grandma!
Mar 22 Ann Shearon  for our church family.
Mar 22 Marie Buice for Jeremy Chamblee - pray for the strength to fight MS.
Mar 22 Jannie Lawler

for Rick Roberts - He has been diagnosed with diabetes. 

Mar 22 Teresa Gould for Sharon Hall - My older sister, Sharon, has been in the hospital for weeks with COPD, dementia and infections.
Mar 15 Jan Palmer

for John Palmer - John will have sinus surgery Monday.

Mar 15 Ann Eskew for all with cancer.
Mar 15 Malon Willis for the church - that we would learn to fully love God and trust him completely.
Mar 15 Yolanda Van Dyke for my family, especially Alterie - for health and guidance.
Mar 15 Ro Broyles for Barbara WIlliams - for peace.
Mar 15 Doshie Richardson for Brenda Shepard - She had her liver transplant - for myself for peace in my dreams about my brother George, who passed last year.
Mar 15 Joe Hamilton for Karen - for healing; for the Florida team - for safety and a blessed mission.
Mar 15 Tina Dunbar for Dorothy Fields - Peace and strength for the Harless family.
Mar 8 Yolanda Van Dyke

for Alterie.

Mar 8 Debbie for Anita and Jennifer - that cancer leaves Anitas body; for Jennifer for recovery of speech.
Mar 8 Ann Shearon for Holly Shearon's Mom, Mrs. Haynes - for comfort in her grief, for healing.
Mar 8 Jannie Lawler for family -for health, healing, safety, peace and guidance.  Praise God for answered prayers.
Mar 8 Peggy Gonzalez for Karen - for good health
Mar 8 Jan Palmer for John Palmer - He has sinus surgery Mar. 16th.
Mar 8 Brenda Heath for Chase Harmon - as he starts a new journey in his young life that he will know God and His greatness; for April Heath - prayers for healing and peace of mind during health issues.
Mar 8 Paula Davis for her family - pray for God's will in the things we're going through, and peace with His will.
Mar 8 Bonnie Ray for Nancy Cowart - strength for family issue and finding a job (card requested to 9 Hunter's Glen Dr Rome Ga 30165); an unspoken request for myself.
Mar 8 Casey Cooper for Teddy (dog) - he had a tumor, papa can't get over it cause Teddy was his favorite dog.
Mar 8 Bonnie RIcks for Rev. Harold Howard - former pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church.  He has cancer.
Mar 1 Jan Palmer

for the Sisters in Christ conference -for lives changed yesterday, it was a blessed day; and for the Emmaus Walk.

Mar 1 Yolanda Van Dyke for myself and family - for safety, peace, guidance and healing.
Mar 1 Jannie Lawler for Kevin, Christy, Noble and family - Pray for healing of pneumonia and for strength; for guidance for Kevin.
Mar 1 Bonnie Ray for co-worker Chuck Johnson - He is facing heart surgery Thursday, pray for a speedy recovery.
Mar 1 Molly Campbell for Lisa Foster - Lisa has cervical cancer and is receiving treatment.  Pray for successful treatment.
Mar 1 Kaitlin Gould for Kinzee Chitwood - I hope she heals in peace and safety.
Mar 1 Stacey Bell  for self - for a job promotion at work.
Feb 20 Doshie Richardson for the Johnson family - Please pray for one of my best friends and his family.  His mother passed away. His name is Pastor Frank Johnson.  His mother was Betty Johnson.  No arrangements yet, please pray for all the family.  
Feb 20 Joe Hamilton for Karen - What appeared to be a medication issue for Karen's ongoing lethargy seems to have resurfaced as an ammonia problem once again.  The GI doctor has been contacted and we are awaiting further instructions  Pelase pray for Karen
Feb 15 Joe Hamilton

for Karen - we are at Wellstar Douglas again seeking treatment for a recurrence of high ammonia levels.  For Ann Shearon and family in the loss of her brother, James Barkley.

Feb 15 Jan Palmer for Yolanda Van Dyke - a test is being done for a possible blood clot.
Feb 15 Bonnie Ricks for Yancey Ricks -for medical tests.
Feb 15 Bonnie Ray for Allene Rowland - hospitalized with heart failure.  (Cards requested to 150 Cottage Lane #113 Carrollton GA 30117)
Feb 15 Brenda Heath for Chase Harmon - to know God and His mercy.
Feb 15 Pastor Michael for Tina - for sciatica nerve pain.
Feb 15 Ann Eskew for her sister, Nancy Kennedy -for good health.
Feb 15 Arubra Hembree for Ryeeah Hatcher- for a court date to be set and for release so she can go forward.
Feb 15 Lonnie Broyles for Bill Waterman - for safe travels to Africa for an Ebola mission to help the sick.
Feb 14 Doshie Richardson for Ann Shearon and family - Ann has lost another family member.  Her brother James Barkley passed this morning.  She and Mark are on their way to Mississippi now.  Pray for comfort and safety in their grief and travel.
Feb 8 Tatum for Pat Addy - I love her so much
Feb 8 Jan Palmer for Norma Pelham - for recovery from her heart attack; for her girls who were in a car wreck last night; for someone to bring her damaged car home from the accident site.
Feb 8 Doshie Richardson for the Bryant family - for God's peace and guidance.
Feb 8 Jannie Lawler for Noble, Ann, Martha and Leslie - for health and healing for them all; also for healing of Jannie's shoulder.
Feb 8 Bonnie Ricks for those being persecuted and killed for His name's sake.
Feb 8 Ann Shearon
for James and Max Barkley - for family.
Feb 8 Shirley Barrett for Brenda Shepard - waiting for a liver transplant, not feeling well.
Feb 8 Tony Lewis
for Judi Corbett - she lost her husband Friday.  The Corbetts have been our lifelong friends.
Feb 8 Ann Eskew for my daughter Ginger - Her surgery was successful and benign; for sister Nancy - for good health.
Feb 8 Phil Hembree and David Parrish for the Rita and Tina Taylor, a student from Fairplay Middle and her mother. They are both currently in Grady.  Rita was Lifeflighted to Grady and is in serious condition in ICU.  Pray for her physical recovery and  healing.  Also pray for her mother's physical (several broken bones) and emotional healing as Mom was driving when the wreck occured.  Major expenses have been incurred and a fund has been established to assist in medical and auto (totalled) expenses.  More info and contributions are at 
Feb 1 Ro Broyles
for Emily Hazzard - Emily is in Scottish Rite with a serious case of pleurisy. 

Feb 1 Kate Perrien for Kate, & Billy - for their anniversary Feb. 3; for Billy - for his work situation (lack of regular work); for this weeks long hours, and that he gets rest in the coming week of vacation, rest for body and soul; for Zoie - for her sinus infection (tired and aching) and for healing and strength.
Feb 1 Molly Campbell for Patty Thackston - Patty has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Carpal Tunnel in her left wrist.  (cards requested to 6350 Berwin Dr Douglasville 30135)
Feb 1 Yolanda Van Dyke for her family and Serenity.
Feb 1 Bonnie Ray for Ray Marcovecchio -  for strength and healing from heart surgery; for Allene Rowland (Mom) - for continued healing.
Feb 1 Mary Lathrop for the family of my cousin, Don Starliper (my Cousin) - Thank you for your prayers.  He passed peacefully Friday evening surrounded by family.
Feb 1 Kaitlin Gould for  Amanda Mataski - Please God, I hope she heals  in health and peace with guidance through it all.
Feb 1 Michelle McGrory for Bea McGrory - for healing and recovery.
Feb 1 Doshie Richardson for Faye Patterson - She has cancer.
Feb 1 Jannie Lawler for Noble and our family - for peace, healing, health, safety and guidance; for RIck Roberts and family - pray for the family as Rick's Mother went home to the Lord on Thursday. (cards requested to 525 Lewis Lane Summerville SC 29485)
Jan 30 Ed McGrory My Mom (Bea) was admitted to the hospital overnight in Texas for a blockage in her aorta.  They are preparing her for surgery now and it is expected to take several hours.  Please pray.

Jan 25th

Ann Eskew

for sister, Nancy Kennedy - Her heart test last week revealed no need for a stent; for the Shaw family in the passing of my Aunt Alta.

Jan 25th

Joe Hamilton for George Hall, Jr. - George, Jr. had his surgery to repair the unhealed incision from prior surgery.  Pray for complete healing.

Jan 25th

Ann Shearon for Joanne and Pam Shearon = for healing.
Jan 18th Yolanda Van Dyke for Serinity and Becky - Serenity is nine years old and has upcoming heart surgery; for self and family for health.
Jan 18th Ann Eskew for Ann Shearon and family - in the loss of her brother-in-law, Jimmy Shearon.from Jan Palmer - Praise the Lord for 32 years of marriage to the sweetest man ever.
Jan 18th Arubra Hembree for Monta Raye Hembree - for healing for her back and body.
Jan 18th Arubra Hembree for Monta Raye Hembree - for healing for her back and body.
Jan 18th Mary Lathrop

for Don Stadiper and family - for peace and God's presence as Don has terminal cancer and is in hospice at home.

Jan 11 Ann Shearon for Mike Shearon and team - Mike and an UMVIM mission team are in Nicaragua for the next ten days.  Pray for safety.
Jan 11 Ro Broyles for Phoebe Bounds - a 14 year old student fighting cancer.
Jan 11 Karen Shepard-Hamilton

for Joe and Karen - for a safe and restful trip next week.

Jan 11 Denise Wellman for Trina Hill's husband - for successful surgery on his legs so amputation is unnecessary.  Trina is a partner teacher with me and her husband was in a severe accident Dec. 19th.
Jan 11 Kenny Campbell for Patti Thackston - She was admitted to the hospital with chest pain.
Jan 11 Ann Eskew for Alta Shaw - she is in a nursing home for memory care.
Jan 11 Tony Lewis for Judi Corbett - She lost her sister Joanne Thursday.  The family is distraught.
Jan 11 Robert Buice for the free nations - God bless the free world.  Keep us from evil.
Jan 11 Jannie Lawler For  all persecuted Christians.  Let freedom to worship our God be available for all who love Him.
Jan 11 Michelle McGrory for Rachel Abernathy and family - her 14 year old nephew was in a bad accident and has no brain activity.
Jan 11 Bonnie Ricks for Cecelia - She is a 19 year old worker at Dollar General.  She is now blind in one eye for no apparent reason:
for Jamie RUnning - she has low energy from chemo.
Jan 10 Ed McGrory for Chris Abernathy (age 14) - Chris is the nephew of Michelle's co-worker and was struck by an 18-wheeler on the Interstate last night.  He is currently listed in critical condition with major head injuries.  Please pray for him and his entire family as well as those providing medical care.
Jan 4 Ed and Michelle McGrory

for Terry Brown - for healing from throat cancer.

Jan 4 Jannie Lawler for Noble and her family - for God's care, love and protection; safe travel for our journey.
Jan 4 Pastor Michael for Carolyn Goodwin - A new missionary in the Sudan.
Jan 4 Ann Shearon for Jim Shearon (brother-in-law); for brothers, James and Max Barkley.
Jan 4 Teresa Gould for Mildred Black - She has been weak, pray her strength returns.
Jan 4 Arubra Hembree for Donna Hembree - She has surgery Jan 8; pray for healing and for finances; for Monta Raye Hembree - she fell last week and is in pain along with stomach issues.
Jan 3 Tony Lewis for Joann Engum - Joann has cancer in advanced stages and is not expected to survive the week.  Be in prayer for Joann and her family, especially her sister Judy Corbett.
Jan 3 Joe Hamilton for Karen - Her treatment continues for excess ammonia levels.  She is in room 311 at Wellstar Douglas.  Her current confusion prevents visits or calls from being effective now, but in a day or so we hope that that will change.
Jan 1 Doshie Richardson for King (Malecca's newborn) - Malon Willis' sister Malecca has delivered her baby, King.  After he was born his blood sugar was low.  They started him on IV's and now the sugar level is fine.  But he started spitting up after feeding and Malecca is worried.  Please pray for baby King and his mom, Malecca.
Dec 30 Doshie Richardson for Ann Shearon's brother, James Barkley.  He is in a nursing home and suffered a stroke today.  Please pray for him and the family.
Dec 30 Bonnie Ray

for her mom, Allene Rowland - She has been battling pneumonia since Dec 14th and hasn't completely healed.  Now she is in the hospital for congestive heart failure.  In addition to those issues she is anemic due to long term Coumadin use (blood thinner).  Please pray she gets the proper balance of care and regains her strength.

Update (Dec 31) - Mom has been released and is back at the nursing home. Praise the Lord!

Dec 30 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Donna Hembree - Donna has improved from her bout with the flu and is now well enough to undergo the long delayed foot surgery.  It will be performed Thursday.  Pray for success and a gentle recovery.
Dec 28 Jan Palmer

for Gretchen - Taylor's co-worker lost her son last week and her husband has stage 4 cancer.

Dec 28 Shirley Barrett for Brenda Shepherd - she needs a liver transplant with O positive blood type.  She is in a rehab facility from a prior illness and is not doing well. (cards requested to 6046 S Bear Dr 30135); for Inez Harper - she has uterine and lung cancer.
Dec 28 Ann Shearon for Dorothy Booth (sister) - for her bereavement; for Jim Shearon - for healing from his long-term illness.
Dec 28 Ann Eskew Praise the Lord for the blessed Christmas time with family and the beautiful Christmas Eve service.
Dec 28 Doshie Richardson for Cousin Joe - He is not doing well at all in his battle with cancer.
Dec 28 Joe Hamilton for Karen - for restoration of good natural sleep patterns; for travel mercies for Pastor Michael and his family this week.
Dec 21 Ann Shearon for the Booth family - for comfort and peace in the passing of Homer (brother-in-law)
Dec 21 Ann Eskew Praise for the Holy Season, thanks that a Savior is born.
Dec 21 Juan Gonzalez for Darlene Olivera - for healing from cancer.
Dec 21 Shirley Barrett for Caity Elam - She had surgery today (12/21).  She went home feeling fine.  Bleeding began and her heart stopped.  She is back in the hospital.
Dec 21 Peggy Gonzalez for Emma Jordan - for healing from her ongoing cancer
Dec 21 Kimberly Bryant for Emily Epstein - my sister's best friend (age 19) has a stage 4 inoperable brain tumor. She will undergo chemo and radiation.
Dec 21 Marie Buice God bless America.  Pray for peace in America and throughout the world.  Happy Birthday Jesus!
Dec 21 Joe Hamilton for Karen - she continues in the hospital dealing with excessive levels of ammonia along with GI issues.  Pray for recovery to good health.
Dec 14 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Morgan - our granddaughter needs a full time job.
Dec 14 Ann Shearon for Dot (sister) and family; for Homer Booth - He is critical; for Jim Shearon - he is failing fast.
Dec 14 Bonnie Ray for Allene Rowland (mom) - for healing of congestion and breathing issues.
Dec 14 Ann Eskew for Alta Shaw - she is now in a nursing home.  Pray for her adjustment.
Dec 14 Joe Hamilton for Karen - for continued improvement in her GI issues; for George Hall, Jr. - He is to have another surgery to deal with the continuing failure of his surgical incision to heal properly. (after months and months).
Dec 14 Kimberly Bryant for Janice Picone - My grandmother recently had a stroke and is not doing well.
Dec 14 Kate Perrien for Kate and Billy Perrien - for Kate in an upcoming vien procedure on her right leg (Left leg was done successfully and is much better); for Billy - for a new job opportunity closer to home and M-F.
Dec 14 Bobby Gee for April Wilson - Pray that April knows this church loves her.
Dec 8 Malon Willis for Jonathan Magwood - He had a mishap and broke a vertebra in his neck.  He has two small kids.  Please keep him and his family in prayer.
Dec 7 Tony Lewis

for our military and their families - Especially for those who will be separated for the holidays.

Dec 7 Ann Shearon

for Jim Shearon - for healing.

Dec 7 Noble and Jannie Lawler for our church family - Praises and thankfulness to you all!  God's blessings on everyone.
Dec 7 Ed McGrory for Michelle McGrory - For God's presence as she opens a new store lcoation Monday morning.
Dec 7 Doshie Richardson for Azaline (sister) - She is still sick; for the women's Christmas party; for the children's "Angels in the Pantry" next Sunday.
Dec 7 Shelba Roselli for her sister Velma - She has many problems with her back and lungs.
Dec 1 Bonnie Ray for Preston Alred - Please be in prayer for Daniel's friend Preston Allred.  He was in an accident earlier today and was life-fllghted to an Atlanta hospital due to being disoriented and unable to feel his legs.
Nov 30 Arubra Hembree
for Donna Hembree - she has the flu and is still awaiting her treatment for her foot.

Nov 30 Ann Shearon
for her family; for Holly Shearon and the Hanes family for strength.
Nov 30 Ann Eskew Praise God Aunt Alta and my sister are both better.
Nov 30 Doshie Richardson for Suzette Willis - she has a migraine; for Azaline (sister) - She is still sick with the flu and coughing; for my nieces that lost their father Sept 13th.
Nov 30 Marie Buice
for Jeremy Chambley - for health - He has MS and begins treatment soon.
Nov 27 Mike Karaty in the passing of his mom, Jean Karaty - My mother has gone home to be with the Lord this morning at 340am. May her soul rest in peace. She is now in the arms of Jesus.
Thank all of you for your thoughts,cards and prayers
Nov 23 Jennifer Karaty

for Mike Karaty - Please pray for God to guide Mike in his decisions and give him the strength and wisdom to make good ones.

Nov 23 Bobby Gee for families in need - Praise God that a lot of hungry children will be fed at Thanksgiving.
Nov 23 Ann Eskew for her Aunt - Praise that my 93 year old Aunt Alta Shaw is better; for my sister Nancy Kennedy - she has blood pressure issues; for strength for all those moving.
Nov 23 Mike and Tina Dunbar for Jennifer Dunbar - she has surgery tomorrow (Monday).
Nov 23 Jan Palmer for Pat Addy - she is in the hospital.
Nov 23 Michelle McGrory for Deidra Fellows - for good health.  She had surgery and recovery has not gone well.
Nov 23 Marie Buice

for Jeremy Chamblee - for health.  He has been diagnosed with MS.

Nov 20 Doshie Richardson for family - Please pray for my sister Azaline Harkins, my mom, Reba Patterson and my Aunt Myrtle Rhodes.  They all have real bad colds and Azaline might have the flu.  Thank you. 
Nov 20 Joe Hamilton for the mission to Florida - Praise the Lord for a wonderful and productive mission.  A family was helped and blessings shared all around.
Nov 15 her husband Ray (via Facebook) I wanted to give an update on Brenda because so many friends have called and asked how she is. She tripped & fell facedown and hit the concrete around noon today and was rushed to the hospital by ambulance. When I got there she was laying in a pool of blood and poor Shannon was beside herself. Doctors could not believe with such a hard lick she did not do serious damage to her head. Luckily she only has 2 black eyes that will probably be swollen shut by tomorrow and a gash on her head that they had to close up. I'm glad my tootsie is still alive after the scare she gave all of us. Ray.
Nov 14 Ann Shearon and the North Georgia Conference for Holly Shearon, her husband MIke and the entire family - W. E. Hanes, father-in-law of Rev. Mike Shearon (Harlem UMC), has died.  Visitation will be from 5:00 -7:00 p.m., on Saturday, November 15th, at Parrott Funeral Home in Fairburn, GA.  Funeral will be at 2:00 p.m., on Sunday, November 16th, at First Christian Church of Tyrone, GA, with internment to follow at Bethany UMC Cemetery.
Nov 10 Pastor Michael for daughter -in-law, Jennifer Dunbar - Please pray for our daughter-in-law, Jennifer.  She has been admitted to Kennestone Hospital due to fever and vomiting due to Crohn's disease.
Nov 10 David Parrish for his Mom - Update:  She is now home after two months in hospital and rehab.She still has a long way to go in rebuilding her strength but she is up and walking short distances with a walker.
Also be in prayer for the Bailey family.  The family matriarch, Jackie Davis, passed last Thursday. Her Daughter Sylvia Bailey, a math teacher at Fairplay Middle School. I and Mike Mallory officiated Jackie's burial Sunday afternoon. For a heart touching glimpse of this family check my facebook wall and look for the Christmas lights photo from Post Road.
Nov 9 Paula Davis

for Candace - pray for peace & for her to feel God's arms around her heart all the time. (cards requested to 8425 West Carroll Rd Whitesburg GA 30185)

Nov 9 Ann Eskew for Aunt Alta Shaw - She is 93 years old and in the hospital.  Pray  for mercy.
Nov 9 Bonnie Ray for Allene Rowland (mom) pray for healing and for guidance in long term care.  cards requested to 363 Pinehurst Road Lavonia GA 30553)
Nov 9 Paula Davis for Baby Blaton - pray for him to stay healthy and to be raised to love Jesus.
Nov 9 anonymous for our leaders and Congress - for guidance from God our Father.
Nov 9 Brenda Heath for Chase HArmon (grandson) - He is a young man starting a new job.  He needs the Lord in his heart and life.  Please pray for him.
Nov 9 Doshie Richardson for Reba Patterson (mama) and Aunt Myrtle - They are sick with bad colds and back pain; for Kim Edwards in the loss of her mama (cards for Kim to 4060 N Quail Dr Douglasville, GA 30135)
Nov 9 Pastor MIchael for Jennifer Dunbar - for Total healing.
Nov 9 Tracie Bell for Morgan Bell - to pass her kidney stone.  She is having a hard time with it.
Nov 9 Ann Shearon for Jim Shearon (brother-in-law) for healing; for Dud Hanes (Holly Shearon's Dad) - for successful heart surgery Monday.
Nov 9 Ro Broyles for Phoebe Bounds - for health; possibly facing cancer. (no em)
Nov 9 Bonnie Ray for Brooke Jones (Wade's 3rd grandchild)  - Praise!  Born 11-4-14 and is fine and healthy.
Nov 2 Shirley Barrett

for Brenda Shepard - She is still recovering from hip replacement surgery.  She just learned she will need a liver transplant.  (cards requested to 6046 South Bear Dr Douglasville 30135)

Nov 2 Jannie Lawler for Noble and our family - Pray for God's healing of mind, body and spirit for all of us.  Also pray for Christians around the world.
Nov 2 Kenny Campbell for Winky Brinson - He has a heart test Monday.  Pray for good results.
Nov 2 Pam Willis for the family of Carolyn England - Praise that she has passed and is now home with God.  Pray for strength for the family. (cards requested to 4060 N Quail Dr. DOuglasville 30135.
Oct 26 Doshie Richardson

for her daughter, Jennifer - unspoken request.

Oct 26 Ann Eskew

for those grieving the loss of loved ones.

Oct 26 Ann Shearon for Jim Shearon - for healing.
Oct 26 Tracie Bell for self - for gallbladder issues; tests and a surgeon's appointment on Wednesday.
Oct 26 Shirley Barrett

for Cindy Shead - She was in remission from cancer, but it is back with a vengeance.

Oct 24 Mike Karaty for his Mother, JeanKaraty - Please continue to pray for my mother Jean Karaty as her condition is worsening.  Thank you all for your continued support
Oct 23 Bonnie Ricks
Please be in prayer for Brenda Day Heath, as she undergoes surgery soon at Wellstar Kennestone Hospital. Brenda has already had two stent procedures with recurrences both times, and is hopeful for a good outcome this time. 
Additionally, please pray for Donna Hembree, as she needs foot surgery.  Donna will have one foot procedure very shortly, with the 2nd surgery to follow after her recovery from the first operation. 
Oct. 19 Ann Eskew

for the Pastor and his family - Praise and thanks for the pastor and his family.

Oct. 19 Pastor Michael I praise God for this church family.
Oct. 19 Jeff Thorpe for Connie - for peace after a loss in the family; for Cynthia - an unspoken request and for peace and guidance.
Oct. 19 Sandra Ivey for Ovis and Wavelyn Smith - Ovis is in Piedmont Hospital.
Oct. 19 Brenda Heath for Chase Harmon - A young man who needs guidance and your prayers.
Oct. 19 Shannan Shayden for Mitch McPherson - for guidance in a difficult time.
Oct. 19 Tracie Bell for Duke Brogdon - He has three tumrs on his liver Pray for him and his family.
Oct. 19 Malon Willis for the Pumpkin Patch - for doing an outreach for the Kingdom of God. May it continue to do so!  for Sierra Leone - for freedom form Ebola.
Oct 17 Tony Lewis Please pray for the Brazwell family.  Their son, Timothy Brazwell died recently in a motorcycle accident.
Oct 13 Charlene Searcy for Kevin (Janie and Noble Lawler's grandson) - Kevin is experiencing a very bad time and Jannie and Noble are fearful for him.  Please pray for them all.
Oct 12 Jan Palmer

for Audry and family - My friend Audry's son committed suicide.

Oct 12 Ann Shearon for Jim Shearon - Lewis' brother is in the hospital in Memphis in critical condition.
Oct 12 Tracie Bell for Lois Shead - Lois has headaches from a concussion
Oct 12 Shannan Shayden for Chase Harmon - for peace and guidance.
Oct 12 Peggy Gonzalez

for Emma Jordan - for health. She has cancer.

Oct. 5 Ann Shearon

for Maxine and Joe Smith - Praise the Lord Joe is better.

Oct. 5 Pastor Michael for Jennifer and Jesse Dunbar - Pray for Jennifer's healing from Crohn's Disease.
Oct. 5 Doshie Richardson for Alexa Emerson - After giving birth Alexa's Blood Pressure went up and she has been hospitalized.
Oct. 5 Shirley Barrett for Brenda Shepard - She is still having a hard time in recovering from hip replacement surgery.  (cards requested to 6046 South Bear Dr Douglasville 30135)
Oct. 5 Ann Eskew for all those looking for jobs.
Oct. 5 Paula Davis for baby Blaton - Pray for his health that God will keep him safe and healthy.
Oct 3 Pastor Michael for his daughter-in-law, Jennifer Dunbar - She is having tests today and needs prayer.
Oct 3 Kimberly Bryant for Ashleigh Woods - Ashleigh is the unnamed request from yesterday who recently miscarried.  Please lift her by name for God's peace and comfort. 
Oct 2 Joe Hamilton for Leigh Ann Hamilton (daughter-in-law) - She has been admitted to the hospital with heart and heart like symptoms.-  Multiple test are being run overnight and tomorrow.  Pray for rapid healing and resolution and especially for son, Taylor .  After the loss of his dad he is especially sensitive to health issues.  She is hospitalized in the same place where his dad, Jason, was treated.
Oct 2 Kimberly Bryant for a friend - Please pray for a friend and coworker who has just had a miscarraige at the start of her 2nd trimester.  This would have been her first child.
Sept 30 Shelba Roselli for her brother and his wife - Please pray for my brother Bob who's still not good & his wife Linda who was just rushed back to the hospital (Cleveland Clinic in Ohio). They think her body is rejecting the new liver. Thank You 
Sept 30 Julie Fitz for her brother, Joe Pinnt - Julie's brother Joe in Texas is dealing with a severe case of jaundice and diarrhea.  Please pray for his healing.  
Sept 28 Ann Shearon

for her whole family - for Dot and Homer; for Joe Smith in the hospital; for Maxine Smith for Strength; for Max James for strength; for Dorothy in the nursing home.

Sept 28 Shirley Barrett for Brenda Shepard - She had hip replacement and is not doing well. Pray for healing (cards requested to 6046 South Bear Drive Douglasville 30135)
Sept 28 Denise Wellman for the Syrian Christians - They are under horrendous attack to the point of genocide.
Sept 28 Teresa Gould for Robert Cook - For healing. He is 99 years old and fell last Sunday.
Sept 21 Ann Eskew

for the people of California - for those suffering from the drought and the resulting water shortage, crop failure and unemployment.  Pray for rain.

Sept 21 Molly Campbell for Florence Chapman - Florence is back home and cards would be an encouragement to her.  6535 Post Road, Douglasville 30135
Sept 21 pastor Michael for Yolanda Van Dyke - In ICU and needs healing prayers.
Sept 21 Clayton Richardson for Doshie and family - Her brother George Emerson passed away with a massive heart attack and their mother is very stressed.  (cards to Reba Patterson 5126 Pat Colwell Rd Blairsville GA 30512)
Sept 21 Tatum for everyone - I hope you are rejoicing in the Lord!  I give love!
Sept 16 Pastor Michael for Tina Dunbar's mother, Lydia - She is on a 24 hour watch for excessively high blood pressure.  this is very dangerous or her.  Please pray that it passes with no problems.
Sept 14 Doshie Richardson

for her family - Please pray for Doshie, Clayton, and the family in the loss of her brother, George Emerson.  He succumbed to a heart attack last night.  Especially be in prayer for George's wife, Beth.  Arrangements will be shared as they are known.

Sept 14 Jan Palmer for Bea Rountree - Bea is dealing with cancer.
Sept 14 Bonnie Ray for Samantha Ray - for peace, guidance, and strength in school (cards requested to 85 Louise Lane Villa Rica 30180)
Sept 14 Pastor Michael for Lonnie Broyles and the mission team to the DR - for a safe and blessed mission.
Sept 14 Megan Jensen

for Robin Jensen - Praise!  She is getting better!

Sept 13 Doshie Richardson for her brother George Emerson - He has been taken to Kennestone Hospital with a suspected heart attack.  Pray for George, his wife Beth and the family.
Sept 12 Arubra Hembree My dear friend for many years, Wanda Johnson, has cancer and Lupus, and I pray for healing for her body.  My neighbor, Mike Richardson, is doing better this week, but continued prayers for his cancer also.  
Sept 11 Jan Palmer for Bee Rountree - She has cancer of the sacrum (tail bone) and starts chemo Sept 15.  She is the wife of the Pastor at West Metro Church of God.
Sept 10 Mike Karaty for his Mom, Jean - Please pray for my mom. She is in distress with breathing and having a very difficult time I'm planning to go down as soon as I can.
Sept 10 Arubra Hembree

for the Thompson family -Pray for the Thompson family in the death of their 17 year old daughter who took her own life.  The family is devastated and needs prayer:   for Mike Richardson (neighbor) who is in hospice with cancer;
additionally, please know that Yolanda Van Dyke has been moved to Kennestone Hospital from Cobb and continues to need prayer.

Sept 9 Jan Palmer for Yolanda Van Dyke - Jan spoke to Yolanda's daughter today and she reported that after a small improvement Yolanda was taken off the ventilator and feeding tube, but today her breathing is not doing well.  Please continue to keep her and the family in prayer.
Sept 9 Doshie Richardson for her cousin Kathy - Please pray for my cousin Kathy.  She found out she has cancer and they are going to have another test.  They will tell her when the surgery will be scheduled.  Her daughter is very upset and asking for prayer everyday.  I have been doing that, but I thought it was time to ask for help.
Sept 7 Brenda Heath

for Chase Harmon - for patience while trying to get a job; for self for prayer during a very stressful time.

Sept 7 Ann Shearon for sister-in-law, Dorothy Barkley - In the hospital with mental illness.
Sept 7 Jan Palmer for Yolanda Van Dyke - in ICU and not doing well; for Robin Reed - did not get to have her surgery Thursday due to reaction to anesthesia.
Sept 7 Malon Willis for Otis Johnson - for continued healing from eye surgery.
Sept 7 Doshie Richardson

for Catrina Wilfong Davis - for her health and the loss of a job, and for her husband's health.  She has been sick for weeks.

Sept 5 Bonnie Ray Please be in prayer for another co-worker Scotty McAfee, whose wife has been going thru Chemo therapy and now faces another surgery to remove a Lymph Node that is not responding to the treatments. She is on a feeding tube, needs constant care and Scotty is down to 4 days of Family and medical leave. He is now facing an “early” retirement which was not his plan and fears the thoughts of Insurance & medical bills on a fixed income, in addition to worrying about his wife. Please lift them up in the many issues they face.
Sept 5 Phil Hembree A mother of a special needs teen has asked us to share this plea for prayer and assistance.  Linda Rockhill @ 623-556-6197 needs daycare in her home for her special needs daughter-teen on Hutchinson Ferry Road in Whitesburg.

Please be in prayer and share this as you can.
Sept 5 Bonnie Ray Please continue to lift the Cheatham family up as they lost their 17 year old daughter/sister yesterday evening. The medical team had performed a set of tests on Wednesday in which she did not respond. Then yesterday they performed another set and she slipped away at that point. This in addition to a divorce the parents were already going thru.
Sept 5 Charlene Searcy praise and thanks for daughter Samantha - I had so many people in Sunday School and choir praying about Sam’s auto repair and it worked.  The warranty is going to cover the repairs less her $200 deductible.  They also recommended with all that was pulled on the engine to spend the money for the water pump and belts so she is looking at a cost under $300 total.
It was not just the cost but her attitude that evened out that had me so relieved for her, and I know you understand what I mean.
Sept 5 Joe Hamilton for Karen - Karen continues in day treatment but still has issues from both her illness and the side effects of the multiple drugs she is required to take.  Pray that God guides the medical staff as they work to help her.  Pray that she will be restored to good health in every way.
Sept 4 Jan Palmer for Yolanda Van Dyke - One of our newer members, Yolanda (Miss Joyce's niece, for those who remember Joyce) is in ICU at Cobb Hospital.  She was admitted last week with breathing difficulties and is now on dialysis and a vent in ICU.  Here condition calls for on-going committed prayer.
Sept 2 Bonnie Ray

Please be in prayer for the family of a Co-worker: Robert Cheatham’s teenage daughter almost drowned in Lake Weedowee on Saturday. Although they were able to retrieve her from the lake, apparently she had been without oxygen for an extended amount of time and is currently on life support. Please pray for peace and comfort for this family struggling with this tragedy and the hard decisions  ahead. 

Aug 31 Peggy Gonzalez

for Barbara Curtis - for medical problems.

Aug 31 John Palmer for Pat Farmer - a cousin with a failing heart.
Aug 31 Jan Palmer for Robin Reed - Surgery on Thursday.
Aug 31 Paula Finnegan for family - Praise!  The Lord is working in my family in a wonderful way.
Aug 31 Ann Eskew for Daughter Kay - She has been released by the doctor.
Aug 26 Bonnie Ray Please put Matt Gaiter and his family on the prayer list. Matt just lost his father, I don’t know any details other than the funeral is this evening (Aug 22). Matt is a young man on Daniel’s 4H Shotgun Team, so I’m sure this is difficult time for them.  
For a co-worker, Kristie battling breast cancer. Pray for God’s guidance over the medical team and peace, strength and comfort for her and the family as she starts Chemo next week. She has two children:  12 and 16 years old.
Aug 26 David Parrish Please be in prayer for my mother, Lynn Parrish. She under went major back surgery this past Tuesday and is still in the hospital dealing with major complication.
Aug 24 Joe Hamilton

for Taylor Hamilton (grandson) - Taylor his symptoms of mononucleosis and has been out of school for several days.  Pray for healing and peace for him and his mom, Leigh Ann.

Aug 24 Jan Palmer - for the child on this morning's Amber Alert.
Aug 24 Morgan Bell for Dallas (friend's boyfriend) - He was caught in a grease fire and has third degree burns and faces skin grafts.
Aug 24 Michelle McGrory for Torin Thompson  (grandson) - Pray for peace and healing of mind and body.
Aug. 22 Joe Hamilton Praise the Lord George Hall is home form the hospital! More to follow
Aug. 22 Jamie Running Please pray for my grandson Tyler.  He is going through some rough times and needs the Lord.  Please pray that God give him guidance and peace.
Thank You,
Aug. 20 Bonnie Ray Please pray for my son Daniel's friend Preston Allred.  He is going through some personal issues.
Aug. 17 Pastor Michael

for George Hall - for healing. He is in Room 333 at Wellstar Douglas.  Visitors are welcome.

Aug. 17 Bonnie Ray for Walter Glass - for healing from surgery; for Nancy Cowart - for peace and guidance with personal issues; for Samantha Ray - for college and financial concerns.
Aug. 17 Jan Palmer for Robin Reed - She is having surgery for a polyp.
Aug. 17 Ann Eskew for family.
Aug. 17 Doshie Richardson for Noble and the family - for comfort in their loss; for Alexa Emerson - that she might carry her baby boy to full term.  She is at 7 1/2 months and having some difficulties.
Aug. 17 Kinzee for Mom (Cindy) - Please let her get better.
Aug 10 Autumn and the whole Jensen family for Gramie Robin - for healing from another surgery.
Aug 10 Robert Buice for the Christian Kurds - Thanks be to God. Bless this Christian nation.  Please save the Christian Kurds.
Aug 10 Ann Eskew for Kay Gilstrap (daughter) and herself - for healing from back pain.
Aug 10 Mike Karaty for Jean Karaty - for health and healing.
Aug 10 Doshie Richardson for us - that we all be with God this next week and the rest of our lives.
Aug 10 Katlin

for Danille's 8 year old cousin - I hope he will heal and have peace and guidance through cancer; for Cindy - I hope she has safety and God to guide her through surgery.

Aug 3 Joe Hamilton

for Karen: She is hospitalized for again for medication regulation.  Pray for her recovery and for the medical staff.

Aug 3 Joe Piorkowski for Teresa and Joe - for health and peace. (card requested to 7084 Capps Ferry Rd Douglasville 30135)
Aug 3 Yolanda Van Dyke

for family

Aug 3 Paul Finnegan for family: for God's will and peace with His will for our situation.
Aug 3 Ann Eskew for daughter Kay; for God to take the pain away and give complete healing.
Aug 3 Doshie Richardson for our church:  For the empty seats to be filled.
Aug 3 Michelle McGrory for self in a job change.
July 27 Lonnie Broyles

for Joe Barber - (no email) Joe is recovering.  He has no short term memory and possible brain damage.

July 27 Ann Eskew

for my family.

July 27 Kimberly Bryant for Alexis Bryant - She will be three on Tuesday.
July 27 Jannie Lawler for Noble - Pray for good results at two doctors' visits for tests.
July 25 Mike Karaty Please pray for my mother Jean.  She is not well and having problems breathing.
July 24 Mike Karaty

for Jamie Running - Jamie went to see the cancer doctor today for her chemo therapy and learned that her cell count is so low that they consider her now in remission from the cancer.
Thank God for answered prayers. PRAYER WORKS 

July 20 Ann Eskew
for Kay Gilstrap - for strength in healing.

July 20 Bonnie Ricks for Ann Eskew -for healing from back pain after a fall.
July 20 Kenny Campbell for Billy Pitts (uncle) - He has bleeding ulcers and internal bleeding.
July 20 Jeff Thorpe for Chris, Robert and Logan - for safety and blessings on the Haiti mission trip.
July 20 Tina Dunbar for Kim Maxwell - for the family in a recent death. (no email)
July 18 Joe Hamilton for Karen Shepard-Hamilton - Karen is being admitted to the hospital this morning for medication management.  Her long term meds have been out of balance for two months and hospitalization with careful monitoring offer the best treatment for this health issue.  Your prayers are requested.
July 13 Bonnie Ray

for Nancy Cowart - for guidance and peace with personal issues.

July 13 Ann Eskew for daughter, Kay - for healing and strength; for sister, Nancy - for successful eye surgery July 14.
July 13 Shirley Barrett for Sharon Johnson - She had a heart attack on July 4th with 100% blockage in one artery.  She received a sent and will receive another in an artery with 90% blockage; for Phyllis Gravitt - in treatment for cancer.
July 13 Doshie Richardson for the Willis family - for safety and travel mercies during their Tennessee vacation; for stable finances for Clayton and myself.
July 10 Mike Karaty
Please pray for my cousin's wife Jody Rouviere.  She is in her 40's and is suffering from a rare illness that causes her bones to dislocate. She has been all over the US looking for help.  We are now claiming divine healing for her.  Pray that the Lord come into her life and touch her and the family and heal their spirit and her illness.  May God do a mighty healing on them. She has been suffering for so long.
July 6 Ann Eskew

praise for our country and freedom; praise for Kay's improving health.

July 6 Sandra Ivey for Florence Chapman - she can now have visitors as she recovers at Tanner Carrollton between 4-8 PM.  She has therapy during the day.  Please pray for continued recovery.
July 6 Ed & Michelle McGrory for Katie McGrory and the Costa Rica Mission team - A team of 16 will work on completion of a new church and will hold VBS.
July 6 Clayton Richardson for Michael Parker - A friend who had spinal and back surgery and is being released form the hospital today (7/6).
Jul y 6 Jannie Lawler praise for our church family.
July 3 Charlene Searcy Bobby Gee just called and his brother Paul died this morning.  Funeral services are pending since he died in PA and will be buried in FL.  As always, please pray for the family.
July 2 Mike Karaty
Jen's brother Joseph went to surgery late yesterday and is doing great. Doctor says he should go home today.
We made it to Florida last night at 10pm with a lot of hard rain.  Thanks for all your prayers
July 1 Mike Karaty Please pray for my brother-in-law Joseph Crymes. This is Jen's brother. He went to the hospital last night and has acute appendicitis. He scheduled for surgery sometime this morning. Please keep him in your prayers.  He is in Douglas general.
June 29 Ann Eskew for the Martini's  - God's blessing on the martini family; for my daughter Kay for strength.
June 29 Jennifer Martini for travel mercies for the Martini family; for Barbara Lane - for healing.
June 29 the Karaty's

For travel mercies as we go to be with mom.

June 29 Jan Palmer for Dixie, Pat and Kay - for healing.
June 29 Tatum for Brandon - God help him with his problem.
June 29 Sandra Bryant for Alphie Morris (no email) - Pray for healing and comfort.  She just found out she has lymphoma and had surgery to remove her spleen.
June 29 Lonnie Broyles and Ann Shearon for Joe Barber - Joe is in the hospital in KY from a stroke and heart attack and is not doing well.
June 29 Annette Watts for Jennifer and Bob Martini - for a safe trip moving and getting settled in Virginia Beach.
June 29 Sandra Ivey for Florence Chapman - Florence had a stroke and is in Tanner Carrollton.  No visitors until after 7/11/14.
June 25 Jan Palmer for Dixie Maxwell - Dixie is in the hospital with congestive heart failure.  Surgery may be required.  Her daughter will keep us informed.  Please pray for Dixie and the family.
June 25 Tracie Bell for Stacey - We saw the orthopedic doctor and they are sending him to a spine specialist.  He has spinal issues and problems at the base of his neck.  Pray they can give him relief without surgery.
June 24 Tracie Bell for Stacey Bell - On the way home from Florida this weekend Stacey developed pain in his back and numbness in his arm.  Doctors determined it was a pinched nerve.  The pain has continued and prayer is requested that it pass quickly.
June 24 Joe Hamilton for Karen Shepard-Hamilton - Karen spent six hours in the ER Monday seeking to determine the cause of chronic chest pain. Heart was ruled out and it has moderated.  All heart tests were clear.
June 20 Ed McGrory for Vivian McPartland (grandniece) -Vivian has been admitted to Children's Hospital in Washington State with a bacterial infection.  Please pray for her, her parents and the doctors.
June 20 Jeff Thorpe Please pray for the Harris family in the loss of their infant child who died in an overheated car.  Please pray for the whole family in this horrific tragedy. 
June 19 David Parrish for the Roberts family - "Mike Roberts, a long time friend of mine, passed away in his sleep early Monday morning at the age of 50. He leaves a wife and three children, ages 23--30 and grandchildren.  I will be preaching his funeral on Friday"  
Prayers are appreciated. 
June 18 Michelle McGrory for Debra Agan - She was just diagnosed with cancer and emergency surgery has been scheduled for next Thursday; for Elizabeth Kilgore - she has breast cancer.  A prayer shawl has been made and prayed over and will be delivered shortly.
Pray for God's presence, peace,comfort and healing for these ladies.
June 15 Jeff Thorpe

for Chris Roberts - for funding for his mission trip to Haiti in July.

June 15 Pastor Michael for all moving pastors.
June 15 Paula Davis Finnegan for self - pray that God's will be done on the 23rd when I go through something and for peace with my family.
June 15 Shirley Barrett for Phyllis Gravitt - she is in treatment for cancer.  Pray for peace, healing and freedom from pain.
June 15 Doshie Richardson for self - Praise God for good results on my heart test.  Pray that the doctors will find out why BP is up and the cause of chest pain.
June 15 Ann Eskew Praise and thanks for the River of Life; pray for strength for daughter Kay.
June 8 Jennifer Lane

for Barbara Lane - for healing.

June 8 Jannie Lawler for our youth and their leaders - Praise God for each and every one of them, truly the light of Jesus.
June 8 Yolande Van Dyke for myself - Thank you that my son-in-law is home.
June 8 Donna Joyce for self and family - for healing, safety, peace and health.
June 6 Doshie Richardson for cousin Deloris - She is still in the hospital in Gainesville after multiple strokes.  Her tubes and IV's were removed yesterday and is under round the clock nursing care.  Please pray.
June 5 Bobby Gee for his brother, Paul - As of Wednesday evening, Paul continues in distress at the Pittsburgh VA in need of a liver transplant.  He is having severe internal bleeding and is need of God's touch now.  Pleae pray.
June 1 Ann Eskew

praise for our Scouts; for daughter Kay - continued prayers please.

June 1 Jennifer Lane for Barbara Lane - for healing.
June 1 Ro and Lonnie Broyles for Lee Broyles.
June 1 Lanis M. for Chris' Aunt - for health and healing.
June 1 Conner for Mom - for peace.
June 1 Chandler for Mom - "Dear Lord, please help my Dad and Mom get through hard times. Amen."
May 29 Doshie Richardson for her cousin, Delores - She is hospitalized in Gainesville after a massive heart attack.  I don't know her current condition.  Just ask God to put His healing hand on her heart if it be His will.
May 29 Mike and Jennifer Karaty Everything continues to go well here. I am interviewing new caregivers so pray that I find one that fits the criteria. 

If any of you does not believe in God performing miracles just come here and see mom.  God is truly the God of miracles.  They said there was nothing they could do for mom but God proved otherwise. 

Thank you all for the prayers, calls and cards.  Please continue to pray.  We hope to be home within the next 10 days for a short time and then return back to Miami. 

We miss all of you and look forward to seeing you soon.

Blessings to all,

Mike and Jennifer  
May 29 Ed McGrory Ed's Mom, Bea, had her second cataract surgery this morning.  All went well and she is on her way home.  Thanks for your continued prayers.
May 26 Paula Finnegan for an unnamed friend - Please put my friend on the prayer list for an unspoken request.  We need God to intervene and we pray for God's will to be done.
May 25 Jennifer Lane

for Barbara Lane - for healing; for Kathy Williams - for guidance.

May 25 Ann Eskew for Kay (daughter) that she can walk freely.
May 25 Shirley Barrett for Ryeeah Hatcher - Pray that she will get the help she needs; for Phyllis Gravett - that cancer treatments will be successful. Pray for peace; for Larry Allen - He is in Italy.  Pray for safe travels; for Robert and Marie Buice - they are in Israel.  Pray fro their safety.
May 25 Bonnie Ricks for Susan White dean (cousin) - she has cancer.
May 25 September Folds Praise God.  He is in control and my faith is in Him.
May 25 Ed McGrory for Bridgett McGrory - She was injured in a motorcycle accident.
May 25 Ariana Martini for Ariana Powell - for happiness, guidance and peace.
May 25 Michelle McGrory for Jessica Cross - for healing.  She burnt her hand on the stove.
May 25 Doshie Richardson

for herself - She has a heart catheterization on June 9 at 7 AM at St. Joseph's.

May 20 Joe Hamilton for George Hall - Our long time prayer warrior and dear friend, George,  took a hard fall yesterday and is quite sore today.  Pray for the discomfort to ease and for his balance and mobility to improve.
Please give him some time for rest before calling.  The prayer group that meets at his home will meet later in the week when he feels stronger.
May 18 Tremayne Dobbs

for Davin Dobbs and family - for guidance, strength and focus (cards requested to 2793 Amber Forest Dr. Douglasville 30135)

May 18 Ann Eskew blessings on all our graduates.
May 18 September Folds for a lawyer before Wednesday the 21st, for God to be with me in the courtroom and His will to be done, for Him to be with me that day, and for me to get the home I found.
May 14 Megan Simmons for her mom, Becky - Could you please add my mom Becky Simmons to your prayer list.  She suffered a stroke last Thursday.  Please pray for healing, recovery, and comfort for her.
May 14 Mike Karaty Praise God mom is home in her own environment with hospice care.  She has been very witty since arriving home.  Pray for a smooth transition.
May 13 Bonnie Ricks Her mother, Kathryn White, came through her surgery well yesterday and the pain she had has been greatly reduced.  Pray that healing continues.
May 12 Mike Karaty Thanks for all the prayers. I was released from the hospital today and mom will be released tomorrow to come home with hospice care.
May 11 Ann Shearon for Maxine Smith - for healing from surgery.
May 11 Leya for Moms - that every Mother has a great Mother's Day.
May 11 Gabriel for Mom - I hope you have a happy Mother's Day.
May 11 Shirley Barrett for Phyllis Gravett - She has cancer.  This is the second time and it has widely spread.
May 11 Morgan Bell Pray that all my finals go well this week and I pass them all.
May 11 Morgan Bell Teresa Gould for Brenda Gould's family - Brenda passed away unexpectedly yesterday.  Pray for her family for strength and healing.
May 9 Bonnie Ricks for her mom, Kathryn White - I really do appreciate my mother more than ever this Mother's Day! She has been through so much since March 28th.  Her fall has really changed everything, and I never dreamed she would suffer so much.  The pain with her fractured vertebrae is still very bad. She has not improved, but has gotten progressively worse, and is mostly drinking water and taking pills. Her appetite has gone and she has lost 25 pounds very quickly. She hates sweets so trying to get Ensure, even the fruit flavor, down her is very hard.  Mom is not up to company and is mostly in the bed. 
On Monday 5/12, at 6:00 AM we have to be at Emory for a special procedure. They will put cement inside the fractured vertebrae, to give it stability and hopefully pain relief. Please help me pray that everything goes fine, and she starts to improve. 
May 8 Ed McGrory for his Mom, Bea McGrory -  My mom Bea has just gone back to the OR to begin her cataract surgery. Prayers for her safety and the doctors.
May 8 Charlene Searcy for Nancy Daley - My friend Nancy’s surgery was yesterday.  Her husband Pat said everything went well and she was resting comfortably.  She may go home in the next day or two.
I have no information on what if anything was found.  Please continue to pray for Pat and Nancy Daley.
May 7 Joe Hamilton for Steve Fitz - This morning Steve was in an auto accident.  He was transported to Atlanta Medical (apparently an insurance issue) and is being treated and x-rayed.  In speaking with him he believes he will be released later today, but they want to check him out thoroughly.  His car is totally undriveable.  Pray for his need for transportation also.
May 5 Mike Karaty for Mom, Jenn and Mike - Mom is still hanging on. Pray for Jenn and me.  The stress is taking its toll on us and especially me.  Its taking a toll on my health.
May 4 September Folds
praising God in advance, knowing he will provide gas money, a home for me and my animals.  My heavenly Father always takes care of His children.
May 4 Ro Broyles, Teresa and Kaitlin Gould for Chris Gould = His surgery went fine.  He is now recuperating. (cards requested to 8630 Bonds Farm Road Winston 30187)
May 4 Bonnie Ricks for Kathryn White (mom) - She has a compression back fracture and is in constant pain.
May 4 Mike Philpott for Marie Barnes - Marie is a long time friend who has been diagnosed with Parkinson's.
May 4 Jennifer Lane
for Barbara Lane - for healing and that all her needs be met; for Charles Strauss (uncle) - for healing from surgery.
May 4 Mildred Black for Sharon Hall - She fell and broke her arm.  She is in a lot of pain and cannot take pain meds.  Pray for quick healing.
May 4 Yolande Van Dyke  for herself and family - for my health.  Brenda is going for a breast bio[sy May 20th.  Pray for her peace.
May 4 Shirley Barrett
for Marcella Martucci - She has cancer and is on chemo; for Phyllis Gravitt - she has cancer; for Rita Rainwater - unspoken.
May 4 Ann Eskew for Ann Shearon - for her travel to Mississippi to care for her sister after surgery; for Kay for health and strength.
May 4 Mary Lathrop for Shelba and family - Shelba's sister Lindy passed away.  The funeral is Monday May 5th.  She has traveled to PA for the funeral.
May 4 Mike Karaty for Jean Karaty (mom) - Things are pretty much the same.  Please continue to offer prayers for mom and for peace in the family.
May 2 Mike Karaty for his mom, Jean (sent Fri. at 9:38 PM - Mom is now in critical condition. The doctors have done everything.  At this point she is in God's hands.  I may have to have hospice involved soon.  Please continue to pray.It has been a real emotional time here for Jennifer and I.  I hate seeing mom suffer.
Will update you as soon as I can.
April 29 Doshie Richardson for the FedEx personnel hurt in a shooting (received Tuesday) - There was a shooting at the Fed Ex facility at Airport Rd. Six people were hurt and taken to Kennestone Hospital.  Pray for all affected.
April 26th Joe Hamilton The Mission team is a go. We are still needed in Aurora, NC to work on a home for a Hurricane survivor.
April 26 Joe Hamilton Our team to North Carolina is on hold this morning after a severe tornado struck in Beaufort County, NC, across the river from our destination of Aurora.  There was severe damage in Belhaven, with highways closed and power out.

Please be in prayer for the survivors.  The team is waiting to hear back from our NC coordinator before we travel.

In the emergency stage of a disaster, the ONLY persons allowed into the area are certified emergency personnel..

Please pray.
April 22 Ann Shearon and Doshie Richardson for Dixie Maxwell - For her health. That she will continue to get better. . We are praying for her health to improve. 
April 20 Shannan Shayden

for Ray Upshaw - for health and healing following cataract surgery; for Clayton Heath - for continued improvement in his eyesight following surgery; for Angela Day - for peace.

April 20 Doshie Richardson for Reba Patterson (Mom) - Her blood pressure is going high every night. (cards requested to 5126 Pat Colwell Rd. Blairsville GA 30512)
April 20 Ann Eskew for daughter Kay - that she can walk freely.
April 20 Shelba Roselli for Bob and Lindy (my brother and sister) - They are both in a medical crisis and many prayers are needed.
April 20 Noble and Jannie Lawler for Alline Taormina - Her bladder cancer has come back.  Pray for healing, peace and comfort. (cards requested to 1050 W Bankhead Hwy Villa Rica 30180).
April 19 Bonnie Ricks (via Facebook) Could you please add mom, Kathryn White, age 86, to your prayer request lines. She fell on March 28th and still is not doing well from her back injury. Her pain, especially when she gets up and down is severe. She has a MRI appointment on Monday, finally. Pray the doctor's get to the bottom of her problem after three very long weeks, and three emergency room visits. Due to new rules in the Obama Health Care Law, she is not considered sick enough to be admitted to the hospital. She must manage her pain as best she can on her own with pain medication and a heating pad. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers!
April 16 Charlene Searcy for Judy Thomas grandchild - Judy called and said her grandchild came out of surgery and seems to be just fine.  She asked that I pass on the thanks for prayers given and please remember prayers are always needed.
April 16 Bobby Gee for Kim and Harold Duval (long time friends of many at NCUMC - Kim went in for knee surgery this morning.
April 16 Mike Karaty for Jamie Running - Praise God Jamie is coming home from the hospital today. She will be going home to her residence. Please keep her in your prayers.
April 13 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for the family of her Aunt, Arlene Lawless -  She passed away at 5 PM today at the age of 90.
April 13 September Folds  for myself - for finances, my lawyer, health, a home and for my animals.  Praise God for being with me all day every day; for the Cooper family - they are in internal distress. for Mary Ann Askew - she lost her husband last week.
April 13 Jannie Lawler for Alline Taormina (Noble's sister) - Alline has another tumor in her bladder.  Surgery will be Friday.
April 13 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane - for good health; for Barbara Lane - for healing.
April 13 Robert Martini for Ray Cronan - He went home from the hospital friday afternoon.  He is walking, goes back to the doctor in two weeks.
April 13 Ann Eskew Praise the Lord! He is risen!
April 13 Mike Karaty for Jean Karaty - for healing and uplifting of spirit.
April 13 Jannie Lawler for Noble - Pray for health, healing and peace.  Please lift him up to the Lord.  (cards requested to 4830 Liberty Rd Villa Rica 30180).
April 11 Mike Karaty for Jamie Running
2:50 PM:  Jamie has just come out of surgery and we have met with the surgeon. Prognosis looks good and she will be in the hospital about five days. The surgeon feels that they have got all of the tumor out as best As they could. She is still in recovery and I will update you as soon as she comes out. Thanks for all the prayers and keep the prayers coming. Will update ASAP.
5:58 PM - I just left the hospital with Jamie and she looks good. She is somewhat uncomfortable but otherwise doing well. She want to thank everybody for the prayers and please continue them. She will need to continue chemotherapy after she gets out.
April 11 from Yolanda's sister Yolanda Van Dyke successfully received a stent yesterday after a prior failure and serious heart issues.  She came through well, rested overnight at the hospital and is expected to return home today.  Praise God!
April 10 Bonnie Ricks for Jamie Running -  Jamie Running is kind of nervous this morning and needs extra prayers. She is on clear liquids today and also wanted all to know her surgery time is moved to 12:00 Noon. It will be at the Barrett Center at South Cobb, on Friday 4\11 in case anyone from the church plans on coming by at surgery time.
April 10 Teresa Gould for Chris Gould - My son Chris (Katlin's daddy) was injured yesterday in Dallas, TX while working 170 feet in the air on a high rise tower crane. Had to be rescued by fire fighters, could not get down on his own. He is in a hospital there, may need surgery. His wife Cindy is on her way to Dallas. I watched the rescue live on the internet, scared me silly. Pray for my son please for healing and good doctors and Cindy as she travels to be there. Katlin too, she is upset about her dad. Thank you.
April 10 Jannie Lawler for her cousin's son, Robert - Jannie's cousin Carol's son Robert passed away yesterday at age 36 from a heart attack.  Pray for the family; for her sister Martha and her care giver Ann; for Aileen Taormina - she has a tumor in her bladder.
April 10 Charlene Searcy for daughter Samantha Sam has an appointment with a neurologist tomorrow afternoon.  The good thing is her blood pressure readings and all are normal.  She thinks she hit her head a few days before,  you know, when you see stars.  But pray it is something as easy as that.
April 10 Jannie Lawler for herself - Her red blood cell count is elevated and she is having a scan tomorrow to determine the best treatment.  She asks that we pray there is no recurrence of cancer.
April 9 Michelle McGrory for Yolanda Van Dyke - Our sister in Jesus, Yolanda, came by church tonight (Wed) in distress as she is facing urgent surgery tomorrow morning.  She has had blood pressure, diabetes and heart issues for some time and a recent attempt to insert a stent failed.  Please pray the tomorrow's procedure is safe and successful.  As the surgery ends we will let you know her condition.
April 9 Charlene Searcy for daughter Samantha - She is feeling light headed and said it feels like the symptoms she experienced when she was 12 or so and was put on medication for ‘seizures’.  She has a Doctor’s appointment tomorrow AM.
April 8 Bonnie Ricks Jamie Running's surgery has been changed from Thursday 4/10 at 4:00 to Friday 4/11 at noon. Jamie is very pleased because she was not looking forward to fasting all day on the 10th until surgery time.  Pray for God's healing and for the medical staff as well.
April 6 September Folds

for my court date May 21st and for my lawyer; for the Cooper family; for Bob Askew for a serious lung disorder; praise God I was calm in court and let Him speak for me.

April 6 Shirley Barrett for David Barett; for Theresa Samples for health; for Phyllis Garrett - she has cancer and is receiving treatment at the cancer center; for Arlene Shoemaker - her hysterectomy is Monday, 4/7.
April 6 Ann Eskew for Daughter, Kay Gilstrap - she is better and she continues therapy.
April 6 Dominick Martini for Tatum Smallwood - for healing; for Barbara Lane - for healing.
April 6 Jennifer Lane for Kimberly Kateridge - for healing.
April 6 Shannan Shayden for Clayton Heath - for health and healing following his second cataract surgery, for patience.
April 6 Tatum I love you all.
April 6 Jamie Running for her surgery on Thursday; for Mike James - my son-in-law was laid off from work on Monday.
April 4 Doshie Richardson (via Facebook) Please all of the prayer warriors pray for my cousin, Dee Wilfong. She is in the hospital in Texas.  She was on her way to her mama'a funeral when she started having seizures. Now they have put her in a medical coma to find out what is wrong. I will let you know more when her daughter lets me know.
April 4 Charlene Searcy for Krista Stone - Krista is a young lady preparing to serve in Kosovo as a missionary in a country where war and sectarian struggle is an all too recent memory.  Pray for her and her mission as she serves there.  
April 4 Pastor Michael in the DR Our last day in the Dominican. Finished the pump house and installed two more solar lights in a Batey. Ready to come home and celebrate with our churches back home! God is good!
April 3 Mike Karaty Please pray for the soldieers and families at Fort Hood. My son, Mikey, was feet away from the incident when it happened but is fine. Pray for all at Ft. Hood.
April 2 Lonnie Broyles
for his cousin, Taylor Brown - She has been diagnosed with Leukemia.  She is age 18 and just begin adult life.  Pray for her healing.
April 2 David Parrish
for his friend, Gene (update) - Gene has now been released from his hospital stay after surgery.   It appears the surgery has been successful thus far in  relieving his pain.  Pray for continued healing.
Mar 30 Jennifer Lane

for Barbara Lane - for healing.

Mar 30 September Folds
for self - For funding for the good lawyer I have been led to, for home, for my animals and income; for the Cooper family - for God's peace and safety for a family in turmoil, especially the children; Praise God I can come to this wonderful church!
Mar 30 Ann Eskew
for daughter Kay - that she might walk freely.
Mar 30 Doshie Richardson
for Clayton's sister - for good health; for Clayton - for healing of his leg.
Mar 27 David Parrish
for his friend Gene - The surgery appears to have gone well. My friend will be in ICU for a couple of days than a room for several more. He is in good spirits and resting comfortably. I will be a few weeks before we know if the procedure was successful. Please continue to pray that the source of the pain has been eliminated.
Mar 26 David Parrsih
A dear friend of mine will undergo surgery Wednesday. Surgeons will drill a hole in his skull and manipulate nerves in the brain in an attempt to isolate and incapacitate nerves that are the source of persistent and excruciating pain in the mouth, face and head. He has been suffering for the past two years and unable the chew solid foods for the past month. Please lift Gene in your prayers as well as his team of surgeons and other medical care professionals.
Mar 25 Bonnie Ray for co-worker, Angela Thomason - Angela is suffering from a third bout of Bell's palsy.  She has been to several doctors with minimal relief.  Please pray that the doctors can find a feasible solution and give Angela some much needed relief.
Mar 25 Doshie Richardson (via Facebook) Clayton is so sick and  has a doctor's appt this AM.. I hope they can help. He has been up and down for about a week now with very little sleep. He is coughing so much.  Please pray.
Mar 23 Ann Shearon

for Mark and Jennifer Shearon - Praise, my granddaughter Leila Ann is getting married Saturday.

Mar 23 Jennifer Lane for Barbara Lane - for healing.
Mar 23 Shirley Barrett for Arlene Shoemaker - she is having a hysterectomy on 4/27; for Phyllis Gravitt - She has cancer.  Pray for healing and peace.
Mar 23 Ann Eskew for daughter Kay Gilstrap; Praise for God's blessing on our Silent Auction for mission.
Mar 23 Jan Palmer for baby Riker - for healing, he stops breathing and is in ICU at Scottish Rite.
Mar 23 September Folds

 - for a godly lawyer, a home, income and health; also for friend who need prayer.

Mar 23 Tina Dunbar for Maris - She is a 7 year old with heart disease waiting to get on the transplant list.
Mar 23 Tatum for 'the preacher' - "I love u precher u are grat." (sic)
Mar 23 anonymous "Gramma fell"
Mar 23 Ed McGrory for Linda Wilkerson and Chelsey Manley - Chelsey just turned 18 and has run away from family and school.  Pray for the whole family.
Mar 23 Doshi Richardson for Clayton - He is sick with a cold and sinus.
Mar 22 Joe Hamilton David Barrett (Shirley's son) is on his way to the Grady ER right now with dizziness and chest pain.  Please pray for David now.  More will be shared as it is known.
(update) - David was treated and released from Grady ER with a diagnosis of neuropathy.  He is back in Douglasville and resting.
Mar 20 Jan Palmer for Jill Peterson's grandbaby, Riker - Two week old Infant Riker has been put in ICU with severe breathing problems.  Breathing has stopped several times and a spinal tap is being performed.  Please pray for this baby and family now.
Mar 16 Ann Eskew

for daughter Kay - that she might walk freely; for all who have cancer.

Mar 16 Paula Finnegan for the Finnegan family - for peace with the things we're going through and Matthew bought another motorcycle.
Mar 16 Kimberly Bryant for Annabelle - for her upcoming baptism on Mar 23rd.
Mar 16 Clayton Richardson for Brenda Richardson (sister) - She has cancer surgery on Monday, Mar 17.  Please pray.
Mar 16 Pastor Michael for Jessica Cross - for cure of stomach issues and for the doctor's wisdom.
Mar 16 Mike and Martha Lewis for Debbie Cox
Mar 14 Joan Williams

for Joshua International Ministries in Sierra Leone - I am asking for prayers for our children and staff in Grafton Village at the school. We had our sports meet today and it ended terribly. I am still getting the reports. It was at the end when the results were being announced. A truck came out of nowhere and plunged into the crowd. The driver was drunk. Several people were injured. From what I have been able to put together, all our children are accounted for. It seems as if one teacher was among the injured. Not sure though.  Our Thanksgiving service and parade are next week and in April we have an evangelical outreach to the community in the form of an Easter Musical called 'Passion.' The goal is to start a church  for unchurched children. I am asking for prayer please. I feel we are under attack, especially with this Easter program coming up soon.  Thanks so much 

Mar 14 George Hall (Update on Denise McKown - As of last night Mrs. McKown is doing much better. Ruth and Barbara have been taking turns with Scott sitting with her.
Mar 14 the Trustees Last night at our meeting Pastor Michael had to leave to look after his wife, Tina.  She experienced some distress while walking.  She is better now and was able to work the half day at school today.  Pray there is no further distress.
Mar 11 Scott McKown via Facebook "They have just taking my mom to the Douglas General ER. She is unresponsive. Please pray for her."
Mar 9 Ann Shearon and Shirley Barrett

for the Stephenson family - Shirley Stephenson passed away Thursday after an extended illness.  Please pray for the family.

Mar 9 Jan Palmer for Debbie Garrett - She found out she has breast cancer.
Mar 9 Shirley Barrett for Phyllis Gravitt - She is in treatment for cancer.
Mar 9 Ann Eskew for daughter Kay - That she might be able to walk freely; also for all those who are grieving.
Mar 9 Leya for all who are in need of prayer.
Mar 9 Jennifer Lane for Barbara Lane - for healing.
Mar 9 Doshie and Clayton Richardson for Brenda Richardson (sister) - She has surgery on Monday the 17th.
Mar 7 Samantha Searcy via Charlene Searcy

for infant RJ - RJ's mom, Becky Yarbrough, posted some good news on Facebook. "Things have been hectic, but RJ is doing absolutely wonderful. He no longer has a feeding tube and he is eating 50-70 cc's every three hours from a bottle.  He has gained almost a pound in the two weeks he has been at the hospital. He is being described with some very wonderful positive things about him being a fighter and showing his strength. Please pray for is dad, Ricky. Something is wrong with his back."

Late Update - R J is well enough to go home with his Mom. Praise the Lord.

Mar 5 John Palmer for Jan Palmer - praise God for the work she does in so many places, and pray for strength after working so hard on the great Sisters in Christ Conference.
Mar 5 Clayton Richardson for Brenda Richardson (sister) - She has been diagnosed with stage 1 cancer.  It can be treated now since it was caught early.  Pray for healing.

Mar 5 Ed and Michelle McGrory for daughter Jessica Cross - after her Sunday ER visit she has been diagnosed with food poisoning.  Pray for a prompt recovery.
Mar 5 Bobby Gee for Marie Gee's mother -  for healing from shingles; for brother Paul as he awaits a liver transplant.
Mar 5 Samantha Searcy for her friend Katie  (update) - after Katie's procedure last Friday she had a reaction to the medication and was out of work Monday.  Results of the procedure are not yet known.  Keep her in prayer.
Mar 2 Mike Karaty

 for himself - for healing of my neck and the need for surgery.

Mar 2 Ann Eskew for daughter, Kay - to walk freely; for those grieving.
Mar 2 Ann Shearon for Shirley Stephenson - she only has a few weeks to live.  Pray for her transition and for strength for her family.
Mar 2 Bonnie Ray for Bryan Andrews - for healing of a punctured ling and broken rib from a fall on ice.  He is heavily sedated in ICU.
Mar 2 Kenny Campbell for Larry Timmons - He had  stroke and is now in a wheelchair.  Pray for healing.
Mar 2 Jannie and Noble Lawler for Rick and Andrea Roberts - Rick is sick with the flu in SC and Andrea has traveled there to see him.  Pray for healing and travel mercies.
Feb 26 Pastor Michael Services for Judy Miller will be held at New Covenant Thursday. Visitation from 11-1. The service is at 11.
A memorial dinner will beheld Wed night Feb 26 from 5:45 PM.
Feb 26 Samantha Searcy via Charlene Searcy Sam’s coworker Katie is having surgery Friday.  She is 24 and is having issues with her cervix.  Pray that it is not cancer and can be treated.
Feb 24 Pastor Michael our sister in Christ, Judy Miller, went home to be with Jesus this evening shortly after 10 PM.  Please pray for the family in their loss.  Arrngements will be shared as they are known.
Feb 24 Paula Finnegan for herself and her kids - she just sent a text requesting prayer as they are going through some difficult times right now.
Feb 23 Shirley Barrett

for Shirley Stevenson - She is approaching the end of life in her battle with cancer; for Phyllis Gravett - She has cancer in several places on her body.

Feb 23 Karen Shepard Hamilton

for her Auntie Dearie's family - She died yesterday at 4 PM.  Thank you for your prayers.

Feb 23 Jan Palmer

for the Sisters in Christ conference to be held this weekend.

Feb 23 Pam Willis

for Mike Spears and family - for guidance; they are having financial troubles.  He is the only one working, his wife is out of work, his son was in an auto accident and there are two small children.

Feb 23 Peggy Gonzalez

for Katie Espinoza - She is 39 years old, had a massive stroke and cannot speak.

Feb 23 Pastor Michael

for Becky Yarbrough's infant son, R.J. - He has suffered brain damage at birth.

Feb 23 Mike Karaty

for Judy Miller and the whole family.  She is moving to hospice.  Her sisters have arrived from Ohio. Pray for God's peace in the family at this very stressful time.  Especially remember her granddaughter Desiree who has been very close to her grandma and is taking this all very hard.

Feb 23 Joe Hamilton

for Mike Philpott - Mike needs our prayer as he also deals with Judy's move to hospice.  Praise God she has had a good and genuine friend like Mike Philpott.

Feb 23 Doshie Richardson

for Clayton Richardson - Praise God he made it through his first week back at work OK.  Pray for continued healing with less swelling in his knee; for Jennifer Shearon and Ellie Daniels - Ellie's sister (Jennifer's Aunt) passed away Saturday.  Give the strength from knowing she is with God.

Feb 22 Tracie Bell for her step-mom, Lois - "Please pray for my step-mom, Lois.  She has come down with shingles and is in a lot of pain."
Feb 22 Pastor Michael Judy Miller remains in ICU and is not expected to survive the evening.  Her sisters are arriving from Ohio tonight.  The family here is gathered.  Pray for a gentle passing and for comfort for the family.
Feb 22 Karen Shepard-Hamilton Auntie Dearie Cairney passed away this afternoon in California after an extended illness.  Please pray for my mother, Jayne Lawless and the rest of the family.
Feb 22 Bonnie Ray for Mike Smith and his family - His mother passed away this morning at 10:45.  Please remember them all in your prayers.
Feb 22 Mike Karaty and Mike Philpott Judy Miller is in ICU and is critical. The family is on their way here to be by her side. She refused life support. Pray for peace for Judy.  Mike P. says she has fluid on the lungs but it is not believed to be pneumonia.  Pastor Michael is on his way.
Feb 21 Mike Karaty for Judy Miller - Paramedics have just taken Judy to Douglas General. Pray for her.
Feb 21 Samantha Searcy via Charlene Searcy for Becky Nale Yarbrough's infant son - Becky had her little boy R.J. yesterday, but they had some complications and he has been taken to Crawford Long. He was delivered through emergency C section and was deprived of oxygen for a short time. He started having seizures this morning, which is why they transferred him.
Feb 21 Bonnie Ray Please be in prayer for my Boss, Mike Smith and family. His mother has been in ICU for a while and battling several issues, mainly just giving up. He got “the call” today and has decided to take her off the ventilator so she can transition peacefully.
Feb 18 David Barrett for the Tucker family - Please be in prayer for the Tucker family as they lay to rest Alice Faye Tucker.  She died in an auto accident on Friday Feb 14th as she was delivering Meals on Wheels following the snow storm.  Her complete obituary may be found by clicking here. The service is today, Feb 18 at Whitley-Garner Rosehaven.
Feb 16 Teresa Gould

for Sgt. Bowie Bergdorf - He is still being held prisoner by the Taliban. Pray for his release.

Feb 16 Jennifer Lane for Ricky Martini - for safety and guidance; for Barbara Lane - for healing.
Feb 16 Shirley Barrett for David Barrett - for peace of mind in dealing with various issues.
Feb 16 Ann Eskew for those still grieving from the loss of a loved one; praise - no more surgery for daughter Kay.  She is still receiving PT.
Feb 16 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Auntie Dearie - she has quit eating and is down to 77 lbs.  Hospice is coming in Monday.  She is 84 years old.
Feb 16 September Folds I return to court Thursday at 1:30 PM.  Thank you fo all the prayers.  Please continue to pray for a home, a lawyer, for my furbabies return and their health, finances, car repair.  Thank you again.  God bless each of you.
Feb 16 Bill Simmons for Braiden - Braiden is an 8 year old boy in Corsairs Children's Hospital, Louisville, KY, with cancer of an unknown origin.  Pray for healing.
Feb 16 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for her Aunt, Dearie Cairney - Karen's Aunt Dearie has been in poor health for several months and will have hospice called in beginning this morning.  Dearie is one of the first and longest survivors of a liver transplant.  Be in prayer for her, for Karen and the family.
Feb 11 Brenda Day Heath (via Facebook) Prayer warriors needed please for my cousin's daughter Angela Day Dennis who is fighting ovarian cancer with all her might. There has been a setback and a miracle is needed that only God can grant. It seems like yesterday when she was born her mother and mine were pregnant at the same time & there is only 3 weeks difference in hers and my youngest brothers Lee's age. She is the proud mother of 3 beautiful children and a devoted husband Bobby. God bless this precious family.
Feb 9 Jennifer Lane

for self  - unspoken; for Barbara Lane  - for healing (Cards requested to  1804 Pathfinder Dr Virginia Beach VA 23454)

Feb 9 September Folds for herself and her animals - for a home for me and my furbabies, our health, legal issues, car repair, income.
Feb 9 Shannon Shayden for Clayton Heath - for peace as he prepares for surgery.  For health and healing.
Feb 9 Tatum

for all of you  - You all make me so happy.

Feb 9 Bonnie Ray for Teana Rowland (sister) - Urgent personal needs and for healing, safety and guidance. (Cards requested to 291 N Fairview Rd Lavonia GA 30553)
Feb 9 Phil Hembree for Rev. Johnny White - He is in the Atlanta Medical Center after a massive stroke and possible heart attack.
Feb 1 Joe Hamilton for the Hamilton family -  My first cousin, Al (Sonny) Hamilton passed away Saturday night at 8 pm in Illinois after an extended illness.  Please pray for the large extended family (he was one of 16 siblings) and for his mom, my aunt Lura, as they all deal with the loss of a beloved brother and son.
Jan 31 Mike Lewis  for cousin's family - Shannon Lyon was found dead in the Dog River Tuesday morning.  She is the ex-wife of Mike and Tony Lewis' first cousin.  Please pray for the family in their loss.
Jan 26 Ann Eskew

for daughter, Kay: Praise God, she is back at work full time.  She continues in therapy.

Jan 26 Clayton Richardson Thanks to everyone for the prayers and calls.  Please continue the prayers for healing.
Jan 26 anonymous for Richard & Mary Katherine - for health and healing.
Jan 26 Jan Palmer for Liz Peters - for healing.  Spots have been found on her lung.
Jan 26 Ann Shearon for Holly Shearon - for her successful surgery; praise for sister Maxine's birthday; for son Mike's successful mission trip and the team's safe return; for Joel's 21st birthday.
Jan 26 Jennifer Lane for Barbara Lane for good health.
Jan 26 Michelle McGrory for the Keller family - their father, Ray Haulk, passed away,
Jan 26 September Folds for self - for a home for me and my fur babies; that He brings my babies back to me; that He protects us; that He is in court with us on Feb. 5th.
Jan 26 Vergenia Lawrence for Michael Young (father) - He is fighting cancer.
Jan 23 Joe Hamilton for David Barrett - David has requested prayer for his right hand.  He has lost use of it.  The ER doctor referred him to a neurologist.  This has occurred before with his left hamd.  Pray for restoration of feeling and function. 
Jan 23 Mike Karaty fpr Judy Miller and Jamie Running - Please pray for Judy Miller and Jamie Running and her family. Judy learned she had more tumors and they would start more chemo. She is very distressed.  And pray for Jamie and her family that a peace come over her family and that God's in charge during these hard to deal with times.
Jan 23 Joe Hamilton for Clayton Richardson - Clayton is having his follow-up surgery to repair his knee today.  Pray for God to guide the doctors and staff to a perfect healing.
Jan 19 Yolande Van Dyke
for my family - pray for my new granddaughter, please.
Jan 19 Arriell Hill for Malecca Willis, Arriell, Leya - we move sometime this summer.
Jan 19 Tony Fowler for Ryan Fowler - for health (email requested to
Jan 19 Jennifer Lane
for Barbara Lane - for good health.
Jan 19 Ann Shearon for Mike Shearon and the mission team - for their ten day mission trip to Nicaragua.
Jan 19 Shirley Barrett for Bob Schaefer's family - Bob passed away Saturday (cards to The Schaefer family, 29 Rohde Ave., St. Augustine, FL 32084)
Jan 19 Ann Eskew for Shirley Barrett - for safe travel to Bob's funeral; for daughter Kay to walk freely.
Jan 19 Pat Addy for Christy and Michelle.
Jan 19 Shannan Shayden for Brett Heath - for guidance, patience, and healing during a difficult time: for Chase Harmon - for strength and guidance as he struggles to become a young adult.
Jan 19 Morgan Bell  for myself - I take the SAT Saturday.
Jan 19 Doshie Richardson for Suzette Willis - for headaches to stop happening.
Jan 19 Ro Broyles for Dave -  for peace and guidance.
Jan 18 Shirley Barrett Shirley's ex-husband, Bob Schaefer, passed away this morning after an extended battle with cancer.  Please be in prayer for Shirley and the family.
Jan 12 Jan Palmer for Grady Stallings - Praise the Lord, Grady is much better and is no longer in hospice.  His blood platelets are normal.
Jan 12 Robert Buice for Mason and Marie - Happy Birthday to Marie, and praise God for help with grandson, Mason.
Jan 12 Brenda Heath for Howard Day (father) - He is having trouble walking, his legs hurt badly.
Jan 12 Jennifer Lane

for Kris Cardwell -for good health in her pregnancy; for Barbara Lane  - for good health

Jan 12 Yolanda Van Dyke

for Yolanda and Alterie

Jan 12 Ann Shearon

for Helen and Max Barkley - for health.

Jan 9 Sandra Ivey for Wavelyn Smith - For the last two weeks Wavelyn has been sick and didn't feel strong enough to get to the doctor.  He has seen the doctor who diagnosed pneumonia.  Please keep Wavelyn and his wife, Ovis in your prayers.
Jan 6 Vergenia Lawrence Please pray Vergenia for the family.  My grandbaby has been really sick.  Thank you all and God bless.
Jan 5 Doshie Richardson for Isabeau and baby - Pete Symanowski's daughter, Isabeau gave birth this evening to a son, Barrett Paul McMichael, 8 lbs 13oz, 21 inches. Praise the Lord for new life. Keep Mother and baby in prayer.
Jan 5 Ann Eskew

for Kay (daughter) - She returns to work Monday part time.  She is still in therapy.

Jan 5 Shirley Barrett for Bob Schaefer - Hospice is coming and he is on morphine.  Pray for peace and freedom from pain.  (Cards requested to 7 Dupont Lane St Augustine FL 32084)
Jan 5 Tony Lewis for the entire Lewis family - for health and patience for all of us.
Jan 5 Kenny Campbell for David Rochester - Having a stent put in to open blockage in an artery.
Jan 5 anonymous Pray that God will protect the US, our troops, our citizens, Israel and that our country will become a Godly country again.
Jan 2 Doshie Richardson via FaceBook for Clayton - I needed to be more specific with my prayer request for Clayton. I asked that the Doctor have an answer. Unfortunately the answer was more surgery. Now we need prayer that they get a cancellation before the 23rd so Clayton doesn't have to wait that long. Or for a miracle that the knee will begin to move more on its own. Amen.
Jan 1 Doshie Richardson via FaceBook Need prayer from everyone. Clayton goes to the Doctor in the morning. His knee still not moving more then 90°. He still can not move to bend down to put things on or fix shoes. Pray the Doctor has an answer.
Dec 29 Jannie Lawler for Noble's sister, Alline - She is having her kidney removed Jan/ 2nd at Cobb.
Dec 29 Doshie Richardson for Clayton Richardson - He needs more movement in his knee. It is currently 93° and it should be 105°.  He cannot increase therapy until movement increases; also for nephew with the flu.
Dec 29 Gabriel for PawPaw - for healing of his knee
Dec 29 Kenny Campbell for Alvin Barnes - he has heart issues.
Dec 29 Jamie Running for self - for health, healing, and patience.
Dec 29 Jennifer Lane for Tim Lane - for healing and peace.
Dec 29 Ann Eskew for Kay - for complete healing; praise for the Christmas Season.
Dec 25 Ed McGrory
Michelle and I received word this morning that my uncle Thomas Wolfe went to be with Jesus today. 
After a long journey of health problems, he is finally at rest. Please be in prayer for his wife Bridgett and children Joeseph
and Heather.
Dec 23 Mike Karaty for Jamie Running - Jamie learned this morning that she has cancer. She has been diagnosed with adenocarcinoma.  She will begin more definitive testing right after Christmas.  Please keep her and the family in prayer as we deal with this over the holidays. REMEMBER PRAYER WORKS !  God hears all our prayers.
Dec 23 Denise Green via Facebook for Marcella Martucci - Please remember my daughter-in-law Marcella in prayer today as she is waiting now to start her first chemo treatment. I know God is with her & there are many prayers lifted up for her & I know I am sending mine to keep her prayer box full. Thank you all in advance for your prayers & thoughts. 
Dec 22 Bonnie Ray

for Gina Alford - she is in the hospital with pneumonia and may be there for several days. I hope & pray she gets some relief soon.

Dec 22 Yolande Van Dyke

for David Washington - e is getting ready for deployment to Afghanistan.

Dec 22 Jennifer Lane for Tony Wright for healing; for Barbara Lane & Henry Lane for safe travel home.
Dec 22 Ann Eskew

for daughter Kay - that she can walk again freely.

Dec 20 Mike Karaty

MICHAEL J KARATY IV   BORN 12/19........ 8LBS 12OZ

mother and baby are doing well......

Grandpa Mike 
Dec 19 Mike Karaty for Judy Miller - Judy just called and is home from the hospital. She sounds and feels much better but is still weak. She wants to thank everyone for their prayers.  She hopes to be well enough to attend worship Sunday.  
Dec 17 Charlene Searcy for daughter Susan and baby - Susan's baby has arrived.  A little girl born this afternoon weighing 6 lbs and 11 oz.  They are still debating the name.  Mom, Dad and baby are fine.  Grandmother is over the moon.
Dec 17 Mike Philpott and Joe Hamilton for Judy Miller - Mike reports that the doctors have diagnosed Judy's problems as ulcers and they are treatable.  In talking to her moments ago, she has been fairly heavily medicated and needs to rest, calls should be held for the remainder of this evening. Please keep her in your prayers.
Dec 16 Mike Karaty and Mike Philpott Judy Miller has been admitted to Cobb hospital with internal bleeding.  She is in room 674.  Mike P. reports that they are giving her fluids and her daughter and grandchildren are with her.  She has been there all day and just a short time ago was moved to a room.
Dec 16 Bonnie Ricks Please pray for Douglas Daniell, Jr.  He fell from his tree stand late yesterday afternoon while hunting, and was not found until 3:00 AM.  He was air lifted to Georgia Medical Center, where he is undergoing surgery.  Douglas has severe injuries to his back and head.
Dec 15 Ann Eskew for Kay (daughter) - that she will be able to walk freely.
Dec 15 Shirley Barrett for Bob Schaefer - He is in a lot of pain.
Dec 15 Tatum for all of you - "I love you all so very much."
Dec 15 Judy Thomas for grandson Tanner Morris - for peace and guidance.
Dec 15 Tracie Bell

for Freda England - She lost her mom yesterday.

Dec 12 Mike Karaty for Kaylee Polk (Update) - Little 8 year old Kaylee is still battling rejection.  Her levels have come down only slightly. The doctors will repeat her blood work on Friday and determine then if they are going to need to repeat the liver biopsy.  Please pray that God keeps her from rejection.  The Polk family wish to thank all of you for your prayers and thoughts.
Dec 12 Joe Hamilton Our brother and sister in the Lord - Juan and Peggy Gonzalez, have been fighting the bug that has been passing through the community in the past weeks.  Pray that they finally are able to get relief after this long time.
Dec 0 Mike Karaty for Kaylee - Kaylee's blood levels went back up today. They're going to repeat the bloodwork on Wednesday. If her levels are still high they will do a liver biopsy. Keep her in prayer. Will update as soon as I get more information.
Dec 8 Ann Eskew

for all who are grieving; for daughter Kay to walk freely.

Dec 8 Ryah for Maoia - in the loss of a child.
Dec 8 Tatum for all of you - you all make me smile.
Dec 8 Jan Palmer for Grady and Ann Stallings
Dec 8 the Golden Girls for Shirley Barrett - Pray for good health.
Dec 8 Jennifer Lane for Rachel Martini - for God's guidance.
Dec 8 Mike Karaty for Kaylee Polk - Praise God she is coming home today and will continue treatment as an outpatient.  Keep praying.
Dec 8 Doshie and Clayton Richardson

for everyone - Thanks for the prayers, cards, food and calls.

Dec. 7 Mike Karaty Just received an update from Melissa Polk on daughter Kaylee:
Liver enzymes are still high but appear to be dropping. PRAISE GOD.  However mom says she is doing well and ready to go home. Another 24 hours to see if the levels keep dropping.  Continue the prayers. Not out of the woods yet  Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. God is good !
Dec. 6 Mike Karaty Urgent Prayers Needed !
Many of you know minister Fred Polk and his wife Melissa.  He is the son of the late Bishop Rufus Polk from New Mountain Top Baptist in Winston.   They're daughter Kaylee is a transplant recipient for her liver.  She has started to reject her liver and is in serious danger.  Kaylee is 8 years old and is in Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta in isolation and under strong medications that suppress her immune system.  If this fails she will need another transplant.  She is on her second transplant and this would be a third.  Please all pray that God intervene and save Kaylee from another surgery.  This young girl has been through so much in the past.  We are claiming healing in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The family thanks all of you for your prayers as does Kaylee.
Pray Hard ! Mike Karaty
Dec. 3 Pastor Michael  Charlene Searcy, and others Please be in prayer for the Davis and Bryant families as our sister in the Lord, Annette Davis went home to Jesus this day.  Information on arrangements will be shared as they are known.
Services will be 2 PM Saturday at Rosehaven, Douglasville
Dec. 3 Charlene Searcy for Hal Hamrick - He is suffering from a blood clot that seems to be from ankle to groin.
Dec. 3 Pastor Michael for Rev. Susan Pinson (daughter of former New Covenant Pastor, Rev. Jim and Ms. Carol Moore)- Susan gave birth to a baby daughter, Elizabeth Avary Pinson, born on December 2nd.  Susan currently serves as associate Pastor at Glenn Memorial UMC, Decatur.
Dec. 3 Charlene Searcy for her daughter, Samantha - Sam has a job interview tomorrow morning (Wed AM) at the same office where April Wilson works.  Send good thoughts and prayers.
Dec. 1 Tony Lewis 

for Mike Lewis - that he can get his truck inspected successfully and that the worry can be taken away.

Dec. 1 Ann Eskew  for daughter, Kay - that she can walk freely again; also praise for the wonderful Thanksgiving celebration at her home; for the Bryant family Lisa Bryant's father's memorial service was Sunday; pray for Annette Davis who is in transition.
Dec. 1 Kenny Campbell  for Joe Welch - He fell off a roof onto a fence post and is in the hospital.
Nov 27 Doshie Richardson via Facebook
"Ok, here's a new update. Clayton is going home from hospital and should be there by now. Suzette met me at Kroger and took her daddy home while I get his medicine,.or at least part of it. Kroger did not have one. I am at Publix picking it up, and then back to Kroger. We still have to get preauthorization on one from the insurance company Monday. It took 3 hours to check out of the hospital due to a mistake in physical therapy. It's been a long day. It's a good thing I love him so much. And God helped me hold my tongue. Ha ha."
Nov 27 Mike Karaty's cousin Carol
for Steve - "Steve finished the 35 radiation treatments that really took a toll on his body and now 3 weeks after the final treatment has gotten his taste back, just in time for Thanksgiving. Still very swollen and bald on a quarter of his head, eye still watering constantly but glad to be done with the treatments. Now the 6 month wait to see if the treatments worked. 
During the last week of the treatments we made the mistake of trusting the person working on the house next door posing as a contractor. Long story short we have no kitchen cabinet doors or drawers, kitchen a mess, and heading to small claims court in February because this man who showed us a paper with licensed and insured is a fraud and will not return our property. Now we're looking for someone to replace the doors and drawers. Compared to Steve's's just a bump in the road. God is good and it'll get done. Happy Thanksgiving to all. "
Nov 26 Charlene Searcy Please pray for Allen and Lisa,  the son and daughter-in-law of Sandra Bryant.  Lisa’s Dad passed away this AM.
Nov 26 Doshie Richardson for Clayton - His surgery went well and he has been up and walking several times this morning.  Praise the Lord!
During his time in the recovery room as he was waking up he tried to get up.  He told the staff he "had to get some turkeys off the grill..."
Nov 24 Doshie Richardson

Update Nov 25 - He is out of surgery and in recovery.  The surgery went well.  Please pray for a gentle healing.

for Clayton - pray for a successful surgery and a great recovery Monday at Cobb Hospital; for Cousin Virginia - She has Alzheimers and is not sleeping, keeping her husband up at night.

Nov 24 Shirley Barrett for Bob Schaeffer - He is beginning to feel the effects of his cancer and is in a lot of pain; for Clayton Richardson - for successful surgery Monday.
Nov 24 Jennifer Lane for Barbara Lane - for peace and good health; for Michelle Steely - for softening of the heart.
Nov 24 anonymous for Grady Stallings - He is in pain.  Pray for the family.
Nov 24 Ann Eskew for Annette Davis and family - pray that they might have a good Thanksgiving together; for my daughter Kay - She can go back to work in January.  she still cannot walk freely.  Pray that disability benefits might continue.
Nov 24 Tatum for 'all of you' - "I love you all. All are nice."
Nov 24 the Golden Girls for Randy Turnipseed - Praise God, he is out of the wheelchair and walking with a cane; for the Hamilton family.
Nov 24 Ann Shearon for Judy Miller - praise that she was in church with us Sunday; praise for Saturday's Turkey Day.; praise for Robert Buice's birthday; Clayton Richardson's surgery is Monday.
Nov 24 Pastor Michael for safe family travels to West Virginia this week.
Nov 24 September Folds for her family - for God's home for us and His shelter.  Safety for us.  For wisdom so I do his work.
Nov 24 Malon Willis for all blessed by the turkeys & fellowship Saturday - Praise God for all those who were touched just by seeing God in action.
Nov 22 Leigh Ann Hamilton (wife) via FaceBook
for Jason and family  - Thank you all for your posts, calls & texts. They mean so much to Taylor and me as walk through this valley. Please continue to pray for us as we face the very hard next several days, weeks and months ahead. I just wanted to let everyone know about the arrangements for Jason. There will be a service on Sunday, November 24th at Memorial Park Funeral Home located at 4121 Falcon Parkway, Flowery Branch 30542. The visitation will be from 2 to 4 pm. Immediately following at 4 pm there will be a service in the funeral home's chapel. Graveside service will on Monday, November 25th in Talladega, ALat Pine Hill Cemetery at 12:00 pm CT. Donations will be accepted to help with medical expense and final arrangements. Account information will be posted shortly.
from Joe Hamilton - Thank you all for your grace and kindness to our family at this most difficult time.
Nov 22 Joe Hamilton This morning at 4 AM my son, Jason, passed away in the ER in Gainesville.  Please be in prayer for the whole family, especially Leigh AnnTaylor and his mom, Jan.  We have no information on arrangements now but will let you know.
Nov 21 Arubra Hembree  for former member of our church, Nadine Ryan - She has a tumor in her leg.  Surgery will be done and prayers for recovery are needed. If you would like to send a card - 64534 Hwy. 22, Roanoke, Al 36274.
Nov 21 Charlene Searcy  for the Gorman family - Please pray for my friend Marilyn Gorham and family.  Her 25 year old grandson who was living with them here in Douglasville was found dead last night, cause undetermined. 
Nov 21 Pastor Michael for Grady and Ann Stallings - Pastor Michael visited with Grady yesterday in the hospital and his condition continues to fade.  His spirits are good and he and the pastor had a wonderful time together.  Please keep Grady and Ann and her sister Jan Palmer in your prayers.
Nov 19 Samantha Searcy for her boyfriend, Dan - "Please pray for us. Dan just did something pretty bad to his knee and he can't get it back in place. His boss is driving him home."
Nov 17 Sandra Bryant

for Annette Davis and the family - Annette has been diagnosed with lung cancer which has spread to the lymph nodes.  It is not known if further treatment is possible.  Please pray that God be with them all.  Please, no visits or calls right now.

Nov 17 Jennifer Lane for myself - for healing from stomach issues: for Tim Lane - for healing.
Nov 17 Jan Palmer for Grady Stallings - He is very sick and is asking for prayer.
Nov 17 Molly Campbell for Mike and Maggie Fitch - my brother and his wife are undergoing medical tests and are trying to move to Georgia.
Nov 12 Bonnie Ray Daniel wrecked his truck Sunday night and by the Grace of God he and his two friends were able to walk away. All three have sustained many cuts & bruises, Daniel has 2 broken fingers, his friend Brad has a broken nose and his other friend Brandon has a broken jaw. Brandon needs surgery to repair his jaw but is refusing. Please pray for all three of these young men as they heal and that they realize the severity of this accident, (it could have been much worse). Especially lift up Brandon that he will make the right decision to allow the best course of treatment
Nov 10 Paula Finnegan

for Christina Chital - Cristina's mom is now sick.  Pray for God's will and peace in the family.

Nov 10 Ann Shearon for Kevin Stone to call and visit his grandparents.
Nov 10 Jennifer Lane for Tony Wright - for healing; for Henry Lane - that he might have visitation with his daughter.
Nov 10 Ann Eskew for daughter Kay - that she may walk freely.
Nov 10 Shirley Barrett

for our veterans and active military - we owe our freedom to them.

Nov 10 Doshie Richardson

for Barbara Bates - She has a blood clot in her leg.

Nov 9 Bonnie Ricks for Peggy Gonzalez - Pray for a good report on Peggy's medical procedure. 
Nov 6 Sanju (via web) I humbly request a prayer for my marriage to take place as it is getting delayed since several years.
Nov 5 Mike Karaty
I finally saw the specialist.  We now know what I have but do not know what is causing it. It could be something very simple to something devastating. Doing lots of blood test.  I am being treated as if I have Lupus at this time.  I am feeling better since the medications are relieving the pain in my lower legs. Thank you all for your prayers and please do not stop them yet. I still am not out of the woods.........
No insurance doesn't help either.
Nov 4 Jannie Lawler for Alline Taormina (Noble's sister) - She will be having surgery to remove a tumor tomorrow (11/5) at Cobb Hospital.  Pray for a successful  procedure.
Nov 3 Martha Lewis

for Sylvia Lopez - My sister is going through marital problems and deep depression.

Nov 3 Jannie Lawler for Noble Lawler and Alline Taormina (sister) - for health, healing, safety, peace and guidance for both of them.  (Cards requested to Noble at 4830 Liberty Road Villa Rica 30180; to Alline at 1050 Hwy 78 Box 157 Villa Rica 30180)
Nov 3 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Arlene Lawless - My 86 year old aunt had a stroke last week and is paralyzed on her right side.
Nov 3 Ann Eskew for daughter Kay - Pray that she can go back to work by 12/5/13 in order to maintain insurance.
Nov 3 DC Washington Praise, worship, honor,and glory to the most high God and Lord of Lords and King of Kings, Jesus Christ.
Nov 3 Joe Hamilton for Jason Hamilton (son) - praise for Jason's amazing healing and recovery from life threatening heart surgery.
Nov 3 Martha Lewis for Tom and Andrew Lewis - please pray fro Thomas for guidance and well being at school; for Andrew for safety and well being in the military; for self - please pray I can get a job soon, I need it.
Nov 3 Bonnie Ricks

for Sandra Ivey - for a painful shoulder.

Nov 1 Doshie Richardson for Annette Davis - Annette was taken to Emory-Crawford Long today for more tests.
Nov 1 Joe and Karen Hamilton for Jason Hamilton - Jason is much improved by the grace of God.  "Our miracle man" as the medical staff calls him, is now of the ventilator, breathing on his own and he sat up in a chair for almost three hours last night.  We were cracking jokes and talking SEC football with the staff.  Even so, the severity of the illness means that recovery will be challenging.  So please continue with prayers of thanksgiving for his improvement and grace for the recovery for Jason, his wife Leigh Ann, sonTaylor, and the whole family.
Oct 29 Mike Karaty (via cousin Carol)
for cousin Steve - Two weeks have past since the final 35th radiation treatment and the scare on I95 going to the cancer center. Steve has not been released from the doctor's care yet but the doctor did say there's less swelling and he's recovering on schedule. He's eating better and getting stronger day by day. Still has issues with very little taste, tearing eye, and little energy, nothing major though thank God. Now the wait...6 long months. At treatment number 25 the tumor was much smaller but still there, so not such the following 10 treatments did the trick.  Thus he will be going to the Ahner Medical center on Nov. 13 to begin complimentary treatments to build his immune system. Thank you all for the prayers and concern.
Oct 29 Joe and Karen Hamilton for Jason (son) - Jason remains in cardiac ICU at Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville.  He is slowly improving.  The doctors call him "Our Miracle Man".  He is having drainage tubes removed at this writing and hopefully that will allow him to breath better on his own.  At this point he remains on oxygen.  Thank you all for your prayers!  Please remember his wife Leigh Ann, son Taylor and his mom, Jan, in your prayers as well.
Oct 28 Joe Hamilton My son Jason was taken to the ER early Sunday with a dissected aorta.  Most who have this condition don't make it to the ER.  Praise God he did.  Emergency surgery (6 hours) was performed and successfully repaired the tear.  This morning (Monday) he is speaking after the vent was removed. Praise the Lord!  Thank you for all your prayers.  Please continue to pray as he continues in cardiac ICU for a time.
Oct 27 Mike and Martha Lewis

for Tom and Andrew Lewis - for safety during the2nd phase of basic training.

Oct 27 Morgan Bell

PRAISE! I passed my graduation test!

Oct 27 Tracie Bell

Surgery went well, getting back to normal.

Oct 27 Jannie Lawler for Alline Taormina - Pray that God will give her peace of mind.  Her cancer has returned in her left kidney and back.
Oct 27 Jan Palmer for Delmas mother and Lourdes.
Oct 27 Ann Eskew for daughter Kay - She cannot return to work for seven more months.  Pray for continued improvement.
Oct 27 Jennifer Lane

for Rachel Martini - for guidance; for Barbara Lane - for health.

Oct 27 Arianna Martini

for Cheyanne - that the Lord will lead her to the right path.

Oct 27 Shirley Barrett for Jessie Acevedo - age 17 and has anger issues resulting from a really bad childhood.
Oct 27 Doshie Richardson  for Joe and Jason and Karen Hamilton - For son, Jason to be OK in Gainesville surgery on heart.
Oct 27 Tracie Bell

for Tony Bell - Stacey's brother's body shop burned.

Oct 24 Jan Palmer for Conley Rice - Lyn Rice's husband, Conley, will be having an EKG tomorrow (FR).  Please keep him in prayer.
Oct 22 Mike Lewis Pray for Tracie and Stacey Bell and Tracie's family.  Her parents lost their home and shop in a fire while they were away from home.  It was a total loss.
Oct 22 Joe Hamilton for George Hall Jr. - George Sr. reports that while George Jr. is making progress, he will be in recovery for an extended time, with the pump remaining in place for an unknown duration.  Also he is having circulation issues in his leg and requires additional treatment for that.  Please keep him in prayer.
Oct 20 Robert Martini

Praise!! for continued blessings in work and at home! Can't thank God enough!!!

Oct 20 Tina Dunbar for Kristi - She has a genetic blood disorder; pray for healing and for the stress she has in dealing with this.
Oct 20 Ann Eskew for Kay (daughter) - she is improving.  Pray that she can walk freely.
Oct 20 Jennifer Lane

for Henry Lane - for guidance and peace; for Janet Martinez for healing.

Oct 20 Bonnie Ray for Samantha Ray - for protection from robbers for her and the other cashiers at Dollar General. (card requested to 85 Louise Lane Villa Rica GA 30180)
Oct 20 Mike Karaty

for Mikey Karaty IV - for healing.  He injured his knee and possibly is facing surgery for the ACL on his knee.

Oct 20 Kimberly Bryant

Praise the Lord.   I start a new job 11.1.13, which also happens to be our (Kenny and I) 5 year anniversary.

Oct 20 Sandra Bryant for Carey Hendrix - for healing from cancer and a successful surgery: for Annette Davis - Continue to pray for healing and that the doctor can find out what is wrong.
Oct 20 Michelle McGrory

Praise for abundant family blessings.

Oct 15 Ro Broyles  for Lonnie Broyles - Lonnie passed a kidney stone last night at 3:00 am. Went to the Dr's and he said he had another one Please keep him in your prayers.
Oct 15 Mike Karaty from his cousins Carol and Steve - Yesterday was supposed to be a great day since it was Steve's 35th and final radiation treatment.  15 mins into the drive to Boca to the cancer treatment center, Steve began to say he was so dizzy, his head hurt, he felt sick to his stomach, arms felt heavy, and he was sweating badly. I asked if he wanted to go to the hospital and he said no. In the next minutes I watched him slump over, eyes open with no pupils showing, and limp body. I was in the middle of the 5 lane stretch on I95, trying not to panic, get over to the side of the road, while trying to get my cell phone and call 911 for help. I was trying to find a pulse through all of this while I tried shaking and waking him. In those 40 seconds or so I was so afraid he had died, had a stroke, or heart attack. Just as I found my phone, he came to completely soaked in sweat. We continued to the center where the doctor and nurse worked on him. His BP was 80/50 and the doctor felt this was brought on by his refusal to eat and drink. The doctor gave him two options, the hospital or drink two bottles of ensure and two bottles if water. 4 hours later he had the final treatment and we were sent home. Now we wait 6 months to see if all of this worked. 
Anyone who would like to email him and encourage him to eat and drink, his email is 
Any and all prayers are much appreciated. 
Oct 15 Mike Karaty Praise God: Mike Philpott came home from the hospital Sunday evening  He has follow up Tuesday with his doctor to see why he is feeling so bad.  Judy Miller is still undergoing chemo but was in church Sunday.  I have been in contact with her and she is in much better spirits, although worried about Mike and him worried about her. Keep them both in prayer. (p.s. from Joe H - Mike was going to play golf Monday with me, but decided not to because if he did Judy would hurt him...)

Pray for Jamie Running. She has not been feeling well for the past week. Pray that the doctors can stabilize her medications and get her feeling better.

And Praise God for a wonderful charge conference Sunday and pray for all the newly elected officers for 2014.
Oct 13 Ann Eskew for Randy Turnipseed –Praise God for his presence with us today; for my daughter Kay – praise for her improvement. Pray that one day she will walk freely.
Oct 13 Ann Shearon for James Barkley (brother) – for healing; praise that Randy Turnipseed was with us today.
Oct 13 Doshie Richardson for Annette Davis – She is still in the hospital awaiting test results.  She is not well and needs prayer.
Oct 13 Jennifer Lane for Barbara Lane – for health (cards to 1804 Pathfinder Drive Virginia Beach VA 23454).
Oct 11 Tracie Bell Morgan passed her grad test. I am beyond happy and proud. Thank everyone for the prayers.
My heart checked out good and the surgery is happening as planned.
So very happy, thankful, and blessed today.  Thank you, Tracie
Oct 11 Doshie Richardson for Annette Davis - Annette is still in the hospital.  She is having a bone marrow transplant today.  Please keep her in your prayers; for Doshie for recovery of her knee.  Please pray for the MRI as it is scheduled.
Oct 6 Kenny Campbell for Sara Jones (Aunt) – for health issues and upcoming tests; for Tammy King –for medical test and good results; for Massey Rochester (Uncle) – He has prostate cancer and is now in surgery for liver trouble.
Oct 6 Mike Philpott for Judy Miller - healing
Oct 6 Morgan Bell for Tracie Bell (Mom) – that her surgery goes well Thursday.
Oct 6 Ann Eskew for Kay (daughter) – Her PT is improving.  She still cannot walk unaided.  She has God and friends.  Pray for strength.
Oct 6 Mishi Hill for my aunt – for healing (cards requested to 5745 Mountain Park Way Douglasville GA 30135)
Oct 6 Jennifer Lane for Michelle Steely – for healing from surgery; for Tony Wright – for healing.
Oct 6 Sandra Bryant   for Annette Davis – She is in Cobb Hospital.  Pray for good test results and a clear biopsy.  Pray for healing, strength and peace as she goes through treatment.
Oct 6 Ann Shearon Praise, praise, praise that I am OK from my car accident.  The car is damaged but that is OK.
Oct 6 Tatum for Mommy – “I love my Mommy. I am glad she is here today.  You are the best Mom.”
Oct 4 Charlene Searcy for Mr. Thomas Rotthoff - He is the Dad of one of Sam’s friends.  He had bypass surgery about 15 years ago and is currently experiencing heart problems again.
Oct. 4 Tony Lewis Tony's wife Gerrie, after coming through major health issues a short time ago, will be having a heart catheterization to evaluate some previously unseen heart issues.  Please pray for Gerrie and the family.
Oct 4 David Barrett Ryan, a friend and former housemate at David's rooming house, is receiving major chemo treatment and is in need of prayer.  David says Ryan is a man of faith and maintains a strong positive outlook in the whole situation.  Please pray for Ryan.
Oct 4 Joe Hamilton Please be in prayer for the preparations for the Pumpkin Patch.  Weather issues and truck delays are impacting delivery.  May we trust God for whatever He has in mind for us to do.
Oct 3 Doshie Richardson for Annette Davis - She is not doing well and can barely walk across room without giving out of breath. She would like prayer for her good test results from yesterday. She will know something In week or two. Also continue to pray for her grandson, Matt as he continues to recover form his motorcycle accident.
Oct 3 Doshie Richardson Yesterday evening Ann parked her car on a hill in front of the house and was getting items from the trunk.  The trunk would not open.  She opened the car door and attempted to release the trunk.  The car began to roll backwards and she was held for a moment by the car door and could not immediately get loose.  She did fall away form the car and landed in the ditch with no serious injury, but the car rolled into a ditch as well and sustained damage.
Praise the Lord she was not seriously hurt and was able to attend dinner and Bible study at church Wed.  Pray for Ann as she deals with the repair and the shock of the incident.
Oct 1 George Hall Sr for George Jr. - We think George is slowly improving.    He has been eating some but wakes up dry-heaving. The surgical wound runs from his breastbone to his naval and has been packed and sealed off with a pump to remove drainage. As we understand it at some point the pump will removed and the wound will be closed with sutures for final healing/closure.
Sept 30 Doshie Richardson for Jerome Emerson - For my brother Jerome to have a good recovery from having a stint put in the vein going to his heart this past weekend. 
Sept 29 Ann Eskew
for her daughter Kay – Please pray that she continues to improve and can walk freely again.
Sept 29 Tracie and Stacy Bell Tracie has kidney stone surgery on Oct. 10 for a 2 cm stone.
Sept 29 Teresa Gould for Doug Hoggs – He is in the final days of hospice care.  Pray for peaceful, pain free days.  His wife of 41 years, Marilyn also need strength and courage.
Sept 24 Tracie Bell I passed the small stone Sunday night.  I went to the doctor on Monday and I have a 2 cm stone that must be removed surgically (not lithotripsy).  I expect to have it done on Oct. 10. Pray all will go well and for a quick recovery.
Sept. 23 Mike Karaty
for Judy Miller - I spoke with Judy an hour ago. She is not doing well and is in a lot of discomfort. She had a bone marrow test today and will have a blood transfusion tomorrow since she is very anemic.  She says she is very weak. The doctors are going to start her on another round of chemotherapy in the next week. She is taking calls ! She prefers them in the evening. Give her a call.
Keep up the prayers and pray for comfort and God's healing hands upon her.

Sept. 23 George and Ruth Hall for George Hall, Jr. - George came home form the ER and is being treated by a home health care nurse several days a week.  Please continue prayers forGeorge Jr.
Sept 23 Doshie Richardson and Ann Shearon for Martha Lewis - Please be in prayer for her to be able to get move into their new house and to find a job.  Also to look after her two boys that are in the army and college..
Sept 22 George and Ruth Hall

for George Hall, Jr.  – complications from his surgery caused him to return to the ER where he is currently being treated. (Sunday AM)

Sept 22 Mike Karaty He received the report from the doctor on his leg problems.  The preliminary report indicates lupus.  With his other health issues this would be a challenge as the meds for lupus are contraindicated for Mike.  Please pray for healing.
Sept 22 the Jensen family for Robin Jensen – She has another exploratory surgery on Tuesday at 1 PM.
Sept 22 Arriell Hill for Montre Hill – I hope that my Dad will come home soon.  Me and my other siblings miss him a lot.
Sept 22 Leya for Malecca (Mom) – I hope she finds a job. I won’t stop praying for her.
Sept 22 Jennifer Lane for Michelle Steely – for healing from surgery; for Jimmy Adkins and Joe Thurston – for healing from an accident.
Sept 22 Brenda Heath for Brett Heath – for guidance and peace of mind due to recent divorce he did not want.  He is a wonderful son and person; for Angel Day Dennis – for healing and peace of mind as she faces ovarian and lung cancer.
Sept 22 Shirley Barrett for Dan Carter – A friend’s father is dyiong of cancer.  Pray for peace and freedom from pain.  Pray for his family; for Kay Gilstrap (Ann eskew’s daughter) – she is out of the hospital and will have PT to enable her to walk; for self – praise that my leg pain has gotten 95% better.  It seldom hurts.  Praise for answered prayer.
Sept 22 Jan Palmer for John Palmer – pray for his blood work to come back good.
Sept 22 Doshie Richardson for Mr. Wallace – I saw him this morning outside leaning on his golf cart.  When I spoke to him he said he was hurting.  He has surgery Wednesday.
Sept 22 Gabriel Willis for Doshie (Nana) – for healing of her foot and knee.
Sept 22 Tatum

for Pat – “I love my Pat!”

Sept 21 George and Ruth Hall George Jr. was released from the hospital yesterday. He will have several weeks of home nursing help and healing/recovery here with  us. Thanks for all your prayers. George has been a very sick boy (to us).
Sept 18 Doshie Richardson My neighbor, Mr Wallace, is going to have surgery on his neck next week to fix three disks.  Please be in prayer for him.  He will be in Tanner Hospital, Carrollton.
Sept 18 Ann Eskew (Correction) "They are Teaching Kay to walk with a walker, she still cannot use it without assistance.  Please keep praying for the day she will walk again.  She will be home from the hospital on Thurs, with continued PT at the therapy clinic here in D'ville.  Please continue to ask God to restore her walking."
Sept 16 Arubra Hembree for Tracie Bell - Sunday morning Tracie had to go to the ER for what appears to be kidney stone issues.  Tests were run and meds prescribed.  Keep her in your prayers for prompt and gentle healing.  Pray that it passes promptly as she has to work Tuesday.
Sept. 16 Jamie Running Here is the address for her grandson Tyler, now in boot camp at Parris Island, SC.  Letters of encouragement are a powerful witness to the love of Jesus at a time when everything you thought you knew about yourself is being challenged at its core.

RCT Running, Tyler A.
PLT 2088 2nd Bn. F Co
PO Box 16245
Parris Island, S.C. 29905-6245
Sept. 15 Jennifer Lane

for Judy Williams – for guidance and peace’ for Henry Lane – for guidance.

Sept. 15 Doshie Richardson for Clayton Richardson – for upcoming knee surgery, that the doctors will have God in their hearts.
Sept. 15 Anonymous for Ada’s Table – please help by giving low sugar, low carbohydrate and low sodium food
Sept. 15 Tatum for PawPaw – “I hope he’s OK in heaven. I love my Paw.”
Sept. 15 Gabriel for Daddy (Malon Willis) – for Daddy’s hip to get better.
Sept. 15 Lindsey Dobbs & Pastor Michael for Jamie Dobbs – Praise for his promotion to corporate AT&T.
Sept 14 Bonnie Ricks for Kay, Ann Eskew's daughter - I received a phone call late Thursday evening from Shirley Barrett. She stated she had a message from Ann, who said Kay is now up and walking with a walker. Praise God... Let\'s pray for continued improvement. Thanks! 
Sept 13 George Hall
for George Jr. George had some infection issues that required follow-up exploratory surgery which revealed a perforation in his bowel. He got out of ICU yesterday and seems to be progressing well now. He will require several weeks (up to 7) of recovery according to his doctor.

Thanks to everyone for the prayers.
Sept 11 Ann Eskew Yesterday I visited my daughter Kay at North Fulton Hospital PT unit.  She is improving, but still cannot walk.  We are asking The Great Physician to heal her.  Please continue to be in prayer.
Sept 10 Mike Lewis Mike's cousin Bill Freeman lost his wife, Linda.  she is survived by Bill and three children, Wendy,Billy and Selena.  Please keep the family in prayer.
Sept 9 Bonnie Ricks
for Jamie Running - Please be in prayer for Jamie Running, as her doctor has renewed her physical therapy. She is having bi-weekly exercises to strengthen her knee and to help her regain balance control. 
Sept 8 George and Ruth Hall for George Hall, Jr.- George, Jr. had surgery for hernia and gallbladder on Friday 9/7/13. He is in Douglas Wellstar recuperating; having a lot of pain, swelling and other issues.
Sept 8 Ann Eskew for her daughter Kay – Praise for successful surgery, pray that she can walk again.
Sept 8 Morgan Bell Pray that I will pass my graduation test.
Sept 8 Mike Karaty Pray for healing and good results from my leg biopsy; for Steve Morris – for relief during radiation treatment.  He is in a lot of pain.  Pray for God’s healing hand on him.  (email requested to
Sept 8 Martha Lewis for Matt Smith – He leaves for basic training Monday leaving a girlfriend and baby behind.
Sept 8 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for her aunt, Dearie Cairney – she fell two days ago and is not eating and is unable to care for herself.
Sept 8 Jennifer Lane for Judy Williams – for health and a new place to live; for Michael Wilson for guidance.
Sept 8 the ‘Golden Girls’ for Shirley Barrett and Ann Shearon for travel safety.
Sept. 6 Mike Karaty
I heard from cousin Steve last night. He is pretty sick with nausea and the side effects from the radiation. Please continue the prayers. 
Also, please keep me in your prayers. I had a painful biopsy of my lower leg to try to confirm whats going on. Please pray fir healing and that I receive a good biopsy report.
Sept 5 Ann Eskew
for her daughter Kay - Please send out to everyone my thanks and praise to God.  Kay had her surgery yesterday, and will be coming home today.  PTL  Her pain is greatly reduced.   Please continue to ask God for healing, and a return to work, with a better quality of life.   To God Be The Glory,   
Sept 5 Mike Karaty for Judy Miller and Mike Philpott Judy had to be taken to the emergency room last night. She is now home and resting.  Please keep her in your prayers.  Also remember Mike as he deals with Judy's illness and the loss of his friend, Louie.
Sept 4 Bonnie Ricks for Mike Philpott and Judy Miller - Please be in prayer for Mike, as he just lost his best friend and fishing buddy Louis. Louis has been sick for some time, so our thoughts are with his family at this sad time. Also, please continue to pray for Judy's health. 
Sept 4 Ann Eskew My daughter Kay is in the Emergency Room at Northside.  Please pray that surgery can be today, instead of waiting until Monday.  She is in extreme back pain.
Sept 3 Kimberly Bryant "I have applied for a promotion at work which would be a step forward in my career and for our family."  Your prayers are appreciated.
Sept 2 Mike Karaty
Thanks for all the prayers for traveling mercy and for mom. She is well and her regular
caregiver has returned. Pray she can stay!  Thanks to the kitchen crew for filling in for me.
Sept 1 Mike and Martha Lewis Andrew Lewis is in training at Fort Benning GA.  Letters of encouragement are greatly appreciated.

Martha and Mike have given us the address where you can reach him.  During this time of limited access to phones/email, etc., letters are a real blessing to troops.

PFC Lewis, P Andrew
2nd Platoon Alfa Troop 5-15 Cavalry
Fort Benning GA 31905
Sept 1 Pastor Michael  for Mike Karaty – Please pray for Mike as he ministers to his mother; for Arlington Christian School – Praise for a wonderful and holy retreat with the high school students.
Sept 1 Doshie Richardson  for her Aunt Myrtle – She is now home and resting.  The issue that caused her to pass out is still unknown.
Sept 1 Shirley Barrett for Marie and Elise Crowe – Eric left them.  Pray that they will be at peace about their situation.
Sept 1 Ann Eskew for her daughter Kay – She has back surgery on Sept 9.
Sept 1 the ‘Golden Girls’ for Ann Shearon – for travel mercies from Mississippi.
Sept 1 Jennifer Lane for Barbara Lane – travel mercies to and from VA, safety and health; praise for Henry Lane – He is doing great!
Sept 1 Bonnie Ricks for Ovis Smith – for health and healing.
Aug 31 Doshie Richardson for her Aunt Myrtle - "We are at the hospital with Aunt Myrtle. She passed out this morning while in bathroom. We do not know what is wrong. Mama is with her waiting for the Dr. Please pray."
Aug 29 Doshie Richardson She is visiting with her mother in Blairsville, but her neck hurts so bad she can not enjoy spending time with mama and family. The medicine is not helping. Pray for relief and sleep. She woke up at 2am this morning and has not had any sleep since. 
Aug 29 Beverly Mahle via Facebook "UPDATE: Randy Tunipseed - spoke with him via telephone on Sat. evening. He asked that I have all of you that have been praying for him to 'go ahead and give God the glory and praises for the miracle that WILL take place...' He does have permanent spinal cord damage (I do not know to what extent) and their house will require some construction to accommodate a wheelchair. If you or your church is able to help the family financially with this, you can contact me for the contact person info. Thanks!"
Aug 26 Mike Karaty Please pray for my mother. She is having some issues of feeling low because of her age and pray for traveling mercies for me. I have to drive down to Miami unexpectedly.
Aug 25 Megan Jensen

for Roberta Jensen – Praises! She is out of the hospital and feeling a little better.

Aug 25 Jennifer Lane for Judy Williams; for Henry Lane – for healing and guidance.
Aug 25 Tracie Bell

for Noah – He is a 5 year old in my class with brain cancer.

Aug 23 Kimberly Bryant
for Melissa Wilkerson and her baby, Justice - Melissa brought baby Justice home from the hospital yesterday. He is doing well. She is having some trouble adjusting to the demands of a new baby and the effect on her older son.
Aug 23 Kimberly Bryant for Matthew Jeffries-  Annette Davis's grandson Matthew was in a motorcycle accident and has been transported to Grady hospital.
Aug 23 Bonnie Ricks
for Judy Miller: Judy wanted to be with us in the Kitchen last Wednesday to work, but was not able to get out. Please pray that God will give her relief from pain during her illness. She is sleeping a lot and it is hard for her to talk on the telephone, could you take time to send her a few encouraging words in a card? Her address is: JUDY MILLER, 6634 PHILLIPS MILL RD., DOUGLASVILLE, GA 30135
Aug 23 Bonnie Ricks for Jeramey Ricks, Tyler Running, Joseph Holcomb, Andrew and Thomas Lewis, and all those serving in the armed forces: Please continue to be in prayer for my grandson Jeramey Ricks. He is finally in physical therapy for an injury he received last January while training at Camp Pendleton Marine Base in California. Also please be thinking of Jamie Running\'s grandson Tyler who is at Parris Island right now. This is his first week, and let\'s pray the Lord will be with him, guide and direct him. Martha, his mom has promised to send Tyler's address as soon as she receives it in the mail. Joseph Holcomb, Charlene Searcy's son-in-law is still in Japan with his ship, and we are praying he will be home by the time Susan gives birth to their first child in December. Andrew is at basic training for the Army, and Thomas is a North GA Military College at this time. May God be merciful with all our young men. 
Aug 22 Bev Mahle via Facebook UPDATE: Randy Turnipseed: Just heard from Cynthia - they are asking for specific prayers for healing of an issue with his spinal cord...Pray big & hard!
Aug 22 Mike Karaty for cousin Steve - I just learned that Steve had a PET scan today and it was negative. That means the cancer has not spread to any other part of his body. They are 100% sure. Praise God !   The bad news is he still needs radiation on the spot where the tumor was removed, and that is on the optic nerve that could seriously affect his vision.  God answered our prayers that his body be clear from cancer now we must pray that his visionstays clear through the treatment.  Continue to pray!
God is Good !
Aug 22 Mike Karaty
for Ann Murwin - I just spoke with Ann and she is doing well. Her daughter told me that the lymph node was negative. Praise God.......Will update more when available.
Aug 19 Mike Karaty for his cousin Steve - Just spoke with my cousin Carol. Steve has been to the radiologist and is beginning radiation in a few days.  Keep them in prayers.
Aug 19 Beverly Mahle via Facebook - URGENT: PRAYERS NEEDED: Just got word from Cynthia that Randy Turnipseed is experiencing an issue with his legs - limited movement - tests being performed to determine cause. Just pray!
Aug 19 Teresa Gould for Doug and Marilyn Hogg Doug has Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer with metastases to his liver, just found out this week. It has already spread into his other organs. Please say a prayer for Doug and Marilyn. Today is their 41st wedding anniversary. Marilyn is a "navy mom" friend of mine. Even though our boys have been out of the navy for years, we have a group of "moms" that still keeps in touch daily. Thank you.
Aug 18 Megan Jensen

for Roberta Jensen – She is back in St. Joseph’s.

Aug 18 Jamie Running for Tyler Running – He leaves for the Marine Corps boot camp today.
Aug 18 Ann Shearon for Randy Turnipseed – for healing.  He is at Emory Hospital (cards requested).  He had a liver transplant, thank you Jesus!
Aug 16 the Karaty's We visited with my father in law, Jack Crymes, yesterday. He is in a lot of discomfort. The pain meds are keeping him somewhat comfortable but very sleepy. Still cant have solid food or move around. We hope today will be better. Thanks for prayers.
Aug 16 Arubra Hembree A former co-worker's sister-in=law, Lynn Gillespie,has cancer. Please lift prayers for healing.
Aug 15 Mike and Jenn Karaty My father in law, Jack Crymes, came through the surgery well and is in a room resting. We will see him today and update later. Thanks for all prayers. Mike and Jennifer
Aug 14 Tracie Bell for a student (Noah) - One of my students (kindergarten) had brain surgery today.  Sunday they found a massive brain tumor.  Today he had an 8 hour brain surgery.  His name is Noah.  Please pray for him and his family.

Aug 14

Mike Karaty

Jennifers father (Jack Crymes) is having triple hernia surgery this morning at 12:30. Please pray for a successful surgery and healing with God's guidance and power. I will update yall as I know more.
Aug 14 Mike Karaty Keep Carol and Steve in your prayers. They are having a hard time coming to grips with his recent diagnosis. Steve recently accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. They both are in need of our prayers. God hears all our prayers! 
Aug 14 Mike Karaty Mine and Judy's neighbor Ann Murwin has been diagnosed with breast cancer and his facing double mastectomy surgery on Tuesday the 20th. Please pray for her. Many of you know her.She was a teacher at Alexander for many years
Aug 14 Doshie Richardson Myrtle Rhodes is having trouble with her leg. When she walks It will not move she is just having to drag it. She does not know what is wrong. Pray that feeling comes back to it.
Aug 14 Doshie Richardson Kimberly (niece) - My niece went to the Dr. and they found large lump in her breast. Please pray for her as she waits for results of the biopsy. 
Aug 13 Charlene Searcy Randy Turnipseed had surgery for a liver transplant last night. Bev Mahle's Facebook said he got out at 4 AM from either surgery,  
UPDATE from Bev - : Randy Turnipseed has awaken, has had the breathing tube removed, and has tried to pull out every other tube and equipment he needs. Yep, the Randy we all know and love! Sounds good to me....
Aug 12 Mike Karaty
for his cousin Steve and his wife Carol - from Carol: "After tests, the news is not good. We will meet with the radiologist to discuss what the next steps will be. The tumor is an epithelial tumor. Radiation seems to be the course of action unfortunately."

I just received the above message from my cousin Carol about Steve. Keep them in prayer.
Aug 12 Mike Lewis for Gerrie and Tony Lewis - After an extended hospital stay in both ICU and Critical Care, Gerrie came home Saturday night.  She is on a walker and oxygen and will receive home health care three days a week.  Her spirits are much improved and is now able to interact with family and friends.  Also pray for Tony as he provides care and support even as he deals with his own serious health issues.
Aug 12 Mike Lewis for Tom and Andrew Lewis - both young men left today for military training, Tom to his regular guard training for several days prior to his return to college, and Andrew to Fort Benning for his basic training.  Pray for Mike and Martha as well as they face an empty nest at home.
Aug 12 Mike Lewis for Bobby and Marie Gee - Their celebration of their wedding anniversary with a trip to Florida is colored by their concern over Bobby's brother's health (also in Flordia).  They will visit with him during their time there.  He is facing multiple organ failure and diabetes.  Pray for the whole family.
Aug 11 Anonymous Praise the Lord that Judy Miller was with us in church today.
Aug 11 Judy Miller for my church family – thanks for their prayer support.
Aug 11 Pastor Michael for Mason – “Mason is in the house!”  Newborn Mason Lee Broyles is now healthy enough to be at home.
Aug 11 Kimberly Bryant for Melissa Wilkerson and her newborn son -  She had an emergency C-section last Sunday at 33 weeks.  Her son is in the hospital while he grows and develops further.
Aug 11 Shirley Barrett for self – I had an MRI on my leg Friday.  Pray there will be a successful diagnosis and proper treatment; for myself and my granddaughter – for traveling mercies. We are going to Florida to visit Bob.
Aug 11 Ann Shearon for Helen and Max Barkley – for health and healing.
Aug 11 Arriell Hill for Montre Hill – I hope he’ll get home soon.
Aug 11 Doshie Richardson for self – for healing of my neck and my headaches.
Aug 4 Joe Hamilton

for Karen Shepard-Hamilton – please pray that God will heal her infected ear.

Aug 4 Bonnie Ricks for Arubra Hembree - Please lift up Arubra for healing. She fell about 10 days ago and injured her leg and hip. The doctor has her in a brace and it is painful for her to get around. Let's pray for reduction of pain and a quick return to good health.
Aug 4 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for guidance and safety; for Michael Wilson.
Aug 4 Ed McGrory for our overseas embassy workers – for safety during uncertain times.
Aug 2 Mike Lewis for Gerrie and Tony Lewis:  Tony would like every one to know that his wife, Gerrie has improved to the point where she can be moved to a regular room and out of ICU.  He sat to tell everyone "Prayer works!"  Praise the Lord
Aug 2 Pastor Michael for Bea McGrory - Ed's Mom, Bea, has been found cancer free!  Praise the Lord!
Aug 1 Mike Karaty
for his cousin, Steve, via Steve's wife, Carol: 
"Yesterday's surgery was just under 2 hours, the doctor peeled the tumor off the optic nerve and brain and removed it. The tumor was rapidly growing, measuring 3 inches, and was growing into the other sinus cavities. Had we waited the 4 1/2 weeks as recommended by the Cleveland Clinic, Steve would have been blind for sure or probably worse than that. The doctor had hoped it was an inverted papaloma, but unfortunately it was a vascular tumor; meaning it was made up of blood vessels. The doctor could not tell what it was, and so it was sent to Johns Hopkins to their pathology dept.  It will take at least a week to determine if its benign or not. Depending on how it comes back will determine the next step, which could be medication, radiation, or another surgery. 
Steve has to keep his head up and so sleeps in a recliner for the next week or so. Today we spent the day back with the surgeon and another doctor who is monitoring his heart because his blood pressure was 200 over 100. He's on blood pressure meds now till they figure it out. Still praying for a good report."
July 31 Doshie Richardson for herself - She went to the ear Dr. today and he says that dizziness is likely an inner ear infection.  He prescribed medication and sent her straight home..There will be no driving until she goes back on Friday, Aug 9th. Please pray the dizziness goes away. 
July 31 Martha Lewis for Thomas Lewis - He is leaving on Thursday, August 16 to Milledgeville for military training and then on the 18th he leaves for college.  Please pray for Thomas as he begins another year of college and Army National Guard.
July 29 Charlene Searcy for Arubra Hembree - Arubra fell last week and has some serious bruising that doesn't seem to be healing promptly and there is a lot of pain.  She will be seeing the doctor this week.  Please pray for a gentle and quick recovery.
July 29 Joe Hamilton for Phil Hembree - Phil's recovery from his intestinal surgery is progressing as he rests and recuperates at home.  He is eating solid food and will be seeing his doctor this week for follow up.  Continue to keep him in your prayers.
July 28 Jan Palmer

for Taylor Palmer – Praise for good results on her blood test.  It is anemia and is easily treatable.

July 28 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for guidance and safety; for Barbara Lane for healing from eye srgery on Aug 7.
July 28 Molly Campbell for Cindy Cover – She has multiple health issues from breast cancer.  Pray for healing from surgery.
July 28 Anonymous for Pat Addy and family; for Mike Mineo’s family.
July 28 Mike and Martha Lewis for Gerrie and Tony Lewis – Gerrie remains in ICU with no change.  Tony still can’t visit. 
July 28 K G "Hello, I'm contacting the church because I fear for my safety now. I have been looking for a job as a babysitter online; and I found a man who I started emailing and I found out his babysitter request is a fraud through things I saw in the internet. Unfortunately I already gave him sensitive information like my address, and he said he booked a flight ticket for the end of this month to come to the city where I am. I stopped responding to any messages he has sent me after I saw the fraud evidence because I just don't know what to do and I really want to discourage him from contacting me, I need to get out of this situation and I really hope this doesn\'t turn dangerous. Please help me by praying for that man to stop contacting me and leave me alone, please ask God not to allow him to come to where I am at all. I'm begging you with all my heart to pray for me so he finally changes his mind and forgets about me as soon as possible, I'm really concerned about what can happen to me. Please, for the love of God."
July 26 Mike Karaty

Update on Steve my Cousin from his wife Carol......We went for a second opinion this morning, tumor growing very fast, surgery scheduled for Wednesday. We're thanking God that we didn't listen to the doctor at the Cleveland Clinic who scheduled us for 4 1/2 weeks for surgery there. The doctor we saw today is very worried about Steve's vision in that eye and said if had waited he would have ended up blind and perhaps with damage to the part of his brain the tumor is pushing on. He does not feel its cancer but because there is a 7-10% chance a follow up surgery may be necessary. He put Steve on steroids to try and bring down some of the swelling before surgery. Tumor is now 6 cm. That's all we know for now. All prayers are very much appreciated. God is good!.....Carol Morris

July 26 Bonnie Ricks for the family and friends of Mike Mineo - Many of us knew Mike Mineo, dear friend and neighbor of Sandra Ivey.  He was very active in PrimeTimers at New Covenant  He passed away from an apparent heart attack last evening.  Sandra remained with the body for some time waiting for the funeral home to arrive.  Please pray for Mike's family and especially for Sandra.
July 23 Tracie Bell for Howell Bell (Stacey's Dad) - He is back in the hospital with staph infection.  Pray they get it under control.
July 23 Mike Lewis for his sister-in-law, Gerrie Lewis - Gerrie has been in Wellstar Douglas for several days with multiple serious health issues.  Last night she stopped breathing and had to be resuscitated.  She is now on a ventilator and in critical care.  Physicians cannot identify the problem.  Please pray for her and Tony.  Tony has his own ongoing health issues related to his liver transplant and for fear of infection is not allowed yo visit her.
July 22 Pastor Michael (Please note the corrected date and time for this service)

The funeral service for Pat Addy's son, Charlie Moore, will be held on Sunday, July 28, at 2 PM at New Covenant UMC.

reception for the family and friends will follow in the church fellowship hall.
July 21 Jan Palmer for Pat Addy and family -  When Pat returned home from an out of town trip today, she learned that her son, Charlie Moore, died on Wednesday.  No cause has been released.  More information on arrangements will be shared as they are known.  Please be in prayer for Pat and the entire family
July 21 Teresa Gould

for Sgt. Bowie Bergdorf – Pray for his release from the Taliban.

July 21 Tracie Bell for Stacey Bell – Stacey has Chron’s disease.  He has his yearly colonoscopy Thursday.  Pray it’s still in remission.
July 21 Ann Shearon for Steve Tisdale (Sister June’s son) – for his healing from drugs and Jesus in his heart; Praise for Mike Shearon’s revival at Burnt Hickory UMC; Praise for Bible School.
From Shirley Barrett for Autumn Bridges – She is having back surgery Tuesday.  Pray that God’s hand will be there and the surgery will be successful; for myself – pray the doctor’s will diagnose my problem and take the pain away.
July 21 Arubra Hembree for Phil Hembree – He is home resting, thanks to all for the cards and prayers.  He is able to have liquids today.  (cards requested to 5746 Post Rd. Winston 30187
July 21 Jamie Running Thank you to everyone for the cards, prayers and food during her recent illness.
July 21 From Jamie Running
Thank you to everyone for the cards, prayers and food during her recent illness.
July 21 Michelle McGrory for the McGlaughn family – Joyce (Mom) passed due to cancer.  She is at peace.
July 17 Bonnie Ricks for the Mike and Martha Lewis Family -: Martha and Mike have a lot going on right now and really need to make some serious decisions about many critical events that have come down on them all at once. Additionally, Andrew is recovering from a really bad cut to his hand, having teeth pulled and going off to Army training with his injury. This family seriously needs our help and prayers in multiple ways at this time. Please lift them up to our Lord. Thank you!
July 17 Arubra Hembree for Phil Hembree - After yesterday's surgery he was in a lot of pain, which was to be expected.  He was given tylenol and pain meds.and was resting.  An update will follow after today's visit.
July 17 Mike Karaty Update on Judy Miller - Judy is home and doing well. She is on a special diet since her stomach is inflamed from the radiation treatment. Her doctor said the treatment was effective but no more for her. She is anxiously trying to re-cooperate so that she can be back to work in the church kitchen next month. She really loves Wednesdays in the kitchen and we cant wait to have her back. She thanks all for the prayers, cards and calls and says don't stop praying. Her sisters are coming in on Monday to be with her for a few days, and she is anxious to see them.
July 16 Jan Palmer for Taylor Palmer - Taylor is having unexplained bruising all over her body and is having a lot of blood work done.  The Doctors were very concerned.  Pray for healing. 
July 16 Arubra Hembree for Phil Hembree - Phil went into surgery at noon today and early reports were good.  More will be posted when it is known.
July 16 Christine Standridge for Elijah Kendrick - Please continue to pray for little 6 yr. old Elijah Kendrick (Will’s former classmate).  The doctors informed his parents today that he will need open heart surgery as soon as possible.   Please pray for his parents and the team of doctors who will be performing the surgery.
July 16 Mike Karaty for Judy Miller - Mike said he heard from Judy Miller and she expected to be released today.
July 16 Mike Karaty for Steve Morris - My cousin Steve Morris in Palm Beach has been diagnosed with a tumor in his nasal cavity. Steve had recently been having unexplainable nose bleeds. When they did an MRI Monday they found a 5cm rapidly growing tumor in the nasal cavity. He goes tomorrow to schedule surgery since time is crucial. They do not know if it is cancer and won't know till they get in there. His wife Carol has asked that we place him on the prayer list and knows that God is good and will see them through this. Will update you as I receive more info.
July 15 Mike Karaty
for Judy Miller - Judy has been admitted to Cobb Hospital, Rm 684, with complications resulting from the treatments she has been receiving for her cancer.  Please pray for Judy.
July 15 Karen Shepard-Hamilton for Noble Lawler - He is at home now and is doing OK after his visit to the hospital yesterday.  He is eating very little.  Pray for Noble.
July 14 Michael Dunbar Noble Lawler was brought to the hospital in Villa Rica because he was not waking up or responding.  He is alert now and they will be watching him for a while.
July 14 Molly Campbell for Mitch Van Meter – He has numerous health Issues including COPD. Chronic neuropathic pain, and two aneurisms.  Please pray for Mitch and Cathy.  (Cards requested to 5920 Azalea Ridge Drive Douglasville 30135)
July 14 Jennifer Lane for Henry Lane – for guidance and safety; for Barbara Lane -  for upcoming eye surgery (7/18)  (cards requested to 5806 S Bear Dr, Douglasville GA 30135)
July 14 Jan Palmer for John Palmer – He has a large kidney stone and is doing a home remedy today (Sunday).
July 14 Ann Shearon and Shirley Barrett for Shirley Stevenson – Her cancer has returned.
July 14 Shirley Barrett for Autumn Bridges – She is going to have back surgery.  Pray that it goes well and relieves the pain.
July 14 Lindsey Dobbs for Matteo and Maricela – for quick healing of his lungs after his birth, and for his mommy.
July 14 Teresa Gould for Robert Gould – Thank you everyone for your prayers.  He is doing well since his cancer surgery.
July 14 Joanna and Mike LaConto for John Mallon – for successful surgery and healing of a dissected aorta, and for support for his wife and kids.
July 14 Mary Lathrop for Blackstone Valley UMC, Whitinsville, MA and their mission team to Maine leaving today; they are working with families repairing homes through the UMC Economic Ministry.
July 13 Joe Hamilton for Phil Hembree - On Tuesday Phil will be having intestinal surgery.  He is expected to be in Cobb Hospital for approximately three days.  Please pray for successful, peaceful and gentle surgery and recovery.
July 12 Arubra Hembree Please pray for a friend's brother, Rick Holder, he is in the hospital and not doing well. Thanks.also that my brother, Bill Hembree, is home and recovering from gallbladder surgery. 
July 11 Chris Standridge Please put Elijah Kendrick on the prayer list at church.   He is a 6 yr. old former classmate of Will’s who was just diagnosed with “Subaortic Stenosis.”   Cardiac disease is not uncommon in people with Down Syndrome but this is not something the family was expecting, particularly since he has been very healthy up until recently.   His family is meeting with the Cardiac Team at Scottish Rite on Monday to discuss a plan of action. 
July 9 Joe Hamilton I ran into Rev. Mike Martin today (former pastor of New Covenant) and he asked that we lift up his son Wes in prayer.  Wes is a campus policeman at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta.   A recent case took a violent turn and he is dealing with the stressful aftermath.  Please pray for Wes.
Here is additional information from Rev Martin for the specific needs of his son, Wes:
" Wes needs you prayers ASAP. He is being attacked by a person he arrested for assaulting him during a traffic stop. His lawyer and a "Host of Thugs" have Wes in their crosshairs. Right now he is being grilled on the witness stand and has not slept in days. The lawyer and character witness for the defendant swear Wes had it in for this person. It was a routine traffic stop for no license tag present. The man refused to produce papers or get off the phone or out of the car as commanded by Wes. He rolled Wesley's arm up in his window and Wes had to call for backup. Wes has had his life threatened by this man's associates and has gotten no help from his chief to put a stop to the harassment. Pray Hard and Pray NOW."
July 7 Mike Karaty for Judy Miller – for healing and encouragement during treatment; she is suffering side effects.
July 7 Charlene Searcy for Martha Lewis – for favor in Friday’s meeting for school admission.
July 7 Jan Palmer for Andrew Lewis – He cut his hand last night and has 11 stitches.  
July 7 Jennifer Lane  for Henry Lane – for health and safety.
July 7 Ann Shearon for Steve Tisdale – He is my sister Jane’s son and is in drug rehab.  Pray for Christ in his heart.
July 7 Bonnie Ricks for those needing jobs.
July 7 Devin Jensen for Grammie (Robin Jensen).
July 7 Pat Addy for Charlie Moore (son) – Charlie is having a very difficult time in prison.
July 7 Jannie Lawler for Noble and Kevin – for God’s peace, safety and guidance and for healing of body, mind and spirit.
July 6 Tracie Bell Praise my sister in law Cindy Bell does not have cancer. Thank you everyone who prayed for her.
July 5 Phil Hembree for Bill Hembree (brother) -  Bill will be having gallbladder surgery on Tuesday.  Please keep him and his family in prayer.